Light Green Line Project

We know the Green Line which is founded by the leadership of the United States after the 1950s. There were many reasons of the Islamic Green Line that is thought based on religion as a shield against communism. The most important one of them was to keep away the Warsaw Pact from the oil regions. However more important one was the idea of re-making economic and military colonial command of the US-led the Middle East countries which liberated from European colonialism and occupation.
After Soviet disintegrated, the U.S. had the dream of World Domination alone also taking Britain and Israel. However, this dream did not last. After September 11, The U.S. has developed new strategies because of the economic and political losses. United States very well understood that not staying in these areas without local allies. Stepped in and a new project: The Great Middle East Project.
After that, It will be more accurate and understandable to say Light Green Line for The Great Middle East Project. The United States and Western colonial countries rapidly tumble into a deep economic crisis because of counteracting of weapons and industrial production of east countries in comparison with West countries. To halt this decline, new markets are needed quickly. And its address is only the Great Middle East where are Petro-dollars.
The most basic elements of the Light Green Line which aimed at controlling Islamic geography stretching from Morocco to Afghanistan:
1. To become the moderate and open societies to the West the Islamic societies tending radicalization. To support the moderate Islamist movements in the Middle East.
2. Interfering with political, military and psychological to the radical groups by counting an open threat for Islamic thought and the International Community (western interests). For this reason, to create the Joint Response Force with strategic Muslim allies.
3. To strengthen the Sunni political movements against Shiite political Islamist movements for consolidating the rule of the Gulf. To gain weapon market where the conflict environment. To prepare political, military and psychologically infrastructure of a big military intervention against Iran before 2015.
4. To give up on the pro-Israel policies for winning the Islamic societies in the Middle East and to help the establishment a Palestinian state in Gaza limited.
5. To carry out jointly the Light Green Line project with Turkey this is the most powerful Muslim country.
May add others to these targets of the United States and this Pentagon project.

Light Green Line Project that began from the 2000s carried out by political, military and psychological operations at great speed. However, there are major problems arising in practice. We can list these problems the following way:
1. England and France are looking different this project and Germany now can just observe carefully. Europeans that did not accept the leadership of Turkiye are falling upside down to the United States and are acting independently. Therefore, the power of NATO which is one of the most important foundations of this project is not available effectively.
2. The current Israeli government based conservative Jewish foundation which is extremely uncomfortable for supporting the U.S. to Islamist organizations. The dissidence continues between the U.S. and Israel which is approved its Zionist policies by Israel‘s current population and the political majority.
3. The United States live in complete indecision in the process of reconstruction in countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. If the U.S. supports Islamist movements in these countries, it will lose the secular and pro-Western groups; But if it supports secular and pro-Western groups, it will be deprived the help of Islamist movements.
4. To show Turkiye as leader and example on Light Green Line will radicalize the two political movements in the Arab countries. Arab nationalism that is against the Turks between secular groups and pro-Sharia movements between Islamic groups will inevitably strengthen.
5. The ongoing economic crisis in the U.S. makes it hard to win the next election for Democrats. In fact, the Light Green Line Project’s owner is Conservatives. Whoever wins the elections, this project will continue for the survival of the United States. But some changes may be experienced in the players and the rules of the project.
The U.S. and the West are trying to blanch the color of Green Line project under the leadership of Turkiye. However, will not succeed in that. There is a false belief that if Islamist movements having power and capital, they will to become liberal. The upper structure can be partly become liberal and machiavellian philosophy but, their political Islamic ideas will not change easily. On the contrary, the successes which gained by the external supports will encourage them more and more and will ask uncompromising, brutal, and the radical policies.
In short, conflicts between secularists and religious people a long standing at Turkiye will spread the entire Islamic world. If Democracy is not the rationalism and the enlightenment, but is a culture of conflict, so to all of us get better Light Green Line Project of the United States.

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