Germans’ Middle East Operations!

In recent days, Germany’s Love of the Middle East flared up again. She is sending enough weapons to arm 4,000 Kurdish fighters and singing songs of friendship with the PKK terrorist organization.

Germany became one of the most powerful imperialist countries in Europa since 1871. At that time, Germans who established a close relationship with the Ottoman Army, were the closest ally of the Turks. Berlin – Baghdad Railway was built to transport the Middle East oil and as well as supplies in the underground railway line, to Germany.

Although the Germans allied with the Turks, they were always in pursuit of their goals in the Middle East. German Commanders were to be blamed for the defeats of the Ottoman Army in the Middle East. The Ottoman State dragged into the First World War by Germanophile Ottoman commanders and they were defeated together.

After the 1930s, Germany strengthened again and became Europe’s biggest militaristic state. Nazi Germany which realized National Socialism, provided the inspiration for similar fascist movements in the World. Nazis who committed the world’s largest genocide against the Jews, were also defeated in World War II.

Germany which was a military government, saw its defeat in 1944, but German Military Intelligence Service extended the war for one more year to establish new Secret German Structure. German Military Intelligence Service which was led by Gehlen dispatched all German officers who were trained, to all corners of the world. Some of them went to South American countries, some of them went to the most strategic countries in Asia and Africa and some of them went to the Islamic geography. Gehlen asylum in the United States with his close friends and restructured the CIA to carry out espionage activities against Russia.

Well-trained German officers who spread globally, waged psychological wars on many issues under the control of Gehlen school. Here we would like to highlight a few key issues especially about the Middle East:

The Organization of Political Islamic Movements: The first of the most successful activities of Germans was the organization of Political Islamic Movements in North Africa, Egypt and Turkey. After the 1950s, German intelligence played an important role in the establishment of the Muslim Brotherhood’s philosophical and psychological infrastructure in Egypt. German officers disguised in Muslim identity and became respectable people among them by taking Arab names. National Vision Movement which emerged in Turkey after the 1960s was the most important representatives of German school in the region.

Extreme Racial Groups and İdeas: Turkish Nationalist Movement led by Ataturk based on Cultural Nationalism. The formation of some extreme racist groups which were emerged after 1950s, was support of Gehlen school and its extensions in Turkey.

Supporting Zionism: Perhaps the other major concern which is unknown and unspoken in the world and Turkey hitherto, was the important role of German Military İntelligence in the development of Zionism. The large number of German officers went to the Western countries, the United States and Palestine under Jews identities which were confiscated during the Holocaust. They blended into the Ashkenazi Jews People who were kneaded with the German Culture and Language. In the Arab – Jews war that flared after the 1960s, the most ruthless defenders of Zionism was Ashkenazis.

Baath Philosophy: Racist Baath Party which was established in Arab countries such as Syria and Iraq was among the most important structures led by German Intelligence Officers. In the 1970s, German firms gave important supports to the development of Iraqi chemical weapons.

Supporting Iran and Hezbollah: Germany’s biggest contribution to the Middle East issue was the strengthening of Iran. Gehlen school helped Khomeini in Turkey, Iraq and France. After the combining of East and West Germany in 1989, the strength of the German intelligence reached a peak point. Germany has played the most important role In the restructuring of Iranian Intelligence Services, the establishing of Hezbollah groups in Turkey and the Gulf countries and in the development of Iran’s nuclear program.

Supporting the PKK Terrorist Organization: After the 1985, the biggest supporter of the PKK Terrorist Organization in Europe was Germany. There is no more to say on this subject. Anyone who wants, can see German military uniforms which were used by this terrorist organization, in Istanbul Military Museum.

Especially in the last month, Germany came into play again to become an effective player in the Middle East. Britain which was supporter of Arab Salafi Movement, was deciphered some old reports about how Germany heard Turkey, to avoid a possible alliance between Germany and Turkiye. On the other hand, Germany Intelligence Service leaked to the press an old information about how NSA (American National Security Agency) listened Turkiye. Germans announced that Turkiye killed PKK terrorists and Kurds in December 2011 with help of the United States.

Another important reason for this haste undoubtedly that the new Prime Minister Davutoglu was a graduate of the German High School. Now there is an old alliance which consisted of Russia, Germany and Iran. Germans and Russians already agreed in Ukraine. They ran towards the Middle East. Russia supports PKK, Iran supports both Barzani and Iraq Government, and Germany supports the Kurds in general. While Britain is standing behind of Salafi Arab Movement in quiet and deeply, the United States is trying to determine a strategy that will not lose again. If the United States continue to support the Kurds, ultimately winning in the region will be Russia and Germany alliance.

Hence, Secretary of Defense USA is going to coming to Turkiye and will begin negotiations. The United States is doing the largest and last great war in the Middle East. Either the United States completely will withdraw from these lands such as the British Army, or perhaps will have a chance of success with a powerful ally.

The most important question: Will be the united states able to regain the friendship of Turkish army?

Meanwhile, Israel may enter a new adventure in Golan region by showing reason of Al Nusra Front –but we don’t advise this – we will also discuss this issue in another article.

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