Ataturk’s response against to Armenian genocide claims

Novosti-Armenia news agency published a telegram which was sent to Admiral Bristol by Ataturk in March 7, 1920. Ataturk was responding against to Armenian genocide claims in that telegram.

“Occupying our lands by allies harmed our people. But we thought that Peace will be provided with the Treaty of Montreux. And we were waiting to change of the situation and that fair and impartial decisions were taken by making peace talks. Those pursuing their own interests invented lie of that twenty thousand Armenian were died.

We thought that the Allies and the American administration will not believe in this lie. Because, their secret services are operating in all Anatolia. Anyone knows that Turks, French and Armenians who fought on the side of their gave loss on conflicts in Maras and Urfa.

But this is not a massacre. This is a natural result of resistance of local people against to attacking by Armenians troops to Muslims. If the Allies had treated equally to peoples and hadn’t give arms and tasks to the Armenian; This conflict would not be.

We have called to the Allied armies and the American administration that they illuminate the world public opinion and clear the name of Turkish people from  low and disgusting accusations about the true face of Armenian massacre’s propaganda.”

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