The Learned loneliness of the United States!

The US is experiencing a great deal of loneliness and despair not only in the Middle East but also in Asia and Afghanistan. This helplessness further aggravates the US, threatens its historical allies, cooperates with terrorist organizations, and even plans new collisions like July 15th in Turkey.

In the past days, CIA President Mike Pompeo openly threatened Pakistan and said, “If Pakistan does not destroy terrorist paradises in Islamabad, the United States will do anything to lift them off the ground.” This means that the US will do military operations without permission even on the Pakistani soil. Indeed, a few days later, Tillerson personally visited Pakistan, and then military operations were carried out one behind the other in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. In Afghanistan, the Taliban was targeted in Gazni and was removed from nearly a hundred militants. Then the Taliban’s Hacı Nasir, Red Elite Forces Commander Molla Shah Veli, his deputy and three important senior commanders were killed. The Pakistani security forces have also conducted some operations against the Taliban in Islamabad.

In fact, just like Turkey, Pakistan is also suffering from US policies. The Pakistan Military, Security and Intelligence agencies hate the US boss. They are neither operating nor sharing intelligence with the United States. Political leaders also show a rather stern attitude toward the United States from time to time. Because in Afghanistan, all areas outside Kabul and ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) headquarters are under Taliban control. In the last months of the north and south of Celalabat on the road connecting Kabul to Pakistan, there were two large Dais areas. The US, as it did in Syria and Iraq, placed the Daish militants in its control under this control. The priority target of the Dais Khorasan Group here is that the Taliban is not taking serious action against the United States.

This helplessness and loneliness of the US actually started after September 11, 2001. After the collapse of the Soviets, the United States, which started military expansion in Central and South Asia, has suffered many failures to this day.

This is the province and the largest Afghanistan. The Russian invasion, which began in the mid-1970s, broke the Muslim Mujahideen that the US organized. The Mujahideen Union, led by Usame Bin Laden and Zalmay Khalilzad, based on the Islamic and Islamic Islam of Hizbi, was later dispersed by the hypocritical policies of the United States. The US has organized the Taliban with its academic supporters in Pakistan since the early 1990s against these former allies. However, the Taliban became enemies to the United States, as long as there was no agreement on the Middle Eastern oil transport through Pakistan.

From the mid-1990s, Al-Qaeda, founded by Laden, allied with the Taliban. The Taliban almost dominated all Afghanistan outside Kabul. This was a reason for the Military presence that the United States plans to last for years in the region. The US has settled in Afghanistan with the International Coalition, which has created the Interest or the Threat. Nothing has changed in Afghanistan over the past 15 years. Since 2001, 3544 coalitions have lost their military life, of which 2406 are US military. That is why the United States uses the International coalition that its troops have gathered with the Threat and Interest associations as a war effort. Now the new ally in the region is just like the Syrian and Iraqi Daisies Terrorist Organization. In the coming days, we can see a significant increase in the terror of Dais in the Pakistani soil.

Let’s talk about the place, the Lebanon attack of the USA, which quickly became lonely and grueling all over the world, has failed. Radicalization efforts towards Algeria have not been attracted by the Algerian religious groups. Meanwhile, the Daish militants who are kidnapped from Syria and Iraq are gathering in Central Africa for Libya and Nigeria. The new ARAMCO Alliance, which the US has established with the Saudis, also suffered after the last Jerusalem incident. We have analyzed this in our article titled “The Jerusalem Issue A Crusader Plan”.

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