Psychological Operation is managed by the United States

After the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the United States launched a psychological operation against Turkiye. Let’s look at a brief history before this explains psychological struggle. As we know, Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union was in the most intense period in the 1970s. U.S. had created a green -Islamic- line with Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Turkiye to stop the Soviet Union. In 1974 Afghanistan and in 1978 Iran were moved away from the United States’ line by The Soviets. The third and most important goal of the Soviet Union was Turkey. Baathist Syria and Iraq which are cooperating with it for many years were simple targets.

Such a period, the Soviet is supporting Marxists and Kurdish groups in Turkey and the United States is supporting the Nationalist and especially Islamist groups. The goal of the Soviet Union was then dragged Turkiye into a civil war. The only trump card of The United States to stop the Soviets was that the Turkish Armed Forces seized management. For this reason, the United States has mobilized their civilian supporters which prepare Turkiye a military coup and correspondingly has accelerated the conflict environment. Eventually, military coup happened on 12 September 1980 and Turkey was saved from the devastation target of the Soviet Union.

September 12 period, the nationalist and leftist groups which are against the United States purged and were tried over the years. However, Islamist groups were supported and opened the front of them. U.S. needed Islamist groups in the two points. First, the strengthening of the Sunni Islamism against Shiite Iran. Secondly, the establishment and educating of the new radical Islamist organizations to fight in Afghanistan. The United States was successful in both subjects. U.S. policy of Turkey and Islam were changed after Soviet Union collapsed in 1989. U.S. has developed its cooperation with Turkey’s moderate Islamist groups and had step this way to Islamic lands such as Central Asia and Africa which can not enter formerly. In addition, radical Islamist groups were considered enemies, and by showing them as a threat, strengthened relations with countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia.

This course will not result in an Islamist victory. U.S. will be lost forever most powerful ally in the region.

First decomposition began between U.S. and Turkish Armed Forces after 1997, 28 February. Goal of the United States which outgoing close cooperation with Israel was firstly the liquidation of radical Islamist groups. But when the Turkish Armed Forces also targeted the Islamist groups which has close relationship with the United States, the separation began. Those who want to develop the best healing with Central Asian Turkish Republics and the East and who criticizes U.S. policy in Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) increased. After the invasion of Iraq in 2003, hostility to the U.S. increased in TSK together with the Turkish public.

After this period, the United States launched a psychological struggle against the TSK which oppose regional schemes of its. It has cooperated with Islamist groups which support its policies about the Middle East and Asia. Primarily to reach the goal, it decided to liquidate civil sovereign powers which are against to the U.S. For managing the Turkiye Within the Greater Middle East project remained the only obstacle: the Turkish Armed Forces.

That’s a long time since; this is the cause of psychological operations carried out against the Turkish Armed Forces. The United States is behind of this plan. This course will not result in an Islamist victory. U.S. will be lost forever most powerful ally in the region.

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