The United States’ 2018 Goals

One of the most important signs of US foreign policy is to be in new moves following a defeat. The United States, which has been alone in an unexpected way about Jerusalem decide, has set new targets in Middle East. We can summarize these briefly as follows: Iran: The last stop of the Great Middle East Project and The Arab Spring were Iran, which is the last obstacle on Middle Asia. The targeted aims were…

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"The United States’ 2018 Goals"

Did the US and Russia share Syria?

The year 2009 is the turning point in the USA’s Great Middle East Project. The United States policy has undergone radical changes with this year when Turkey has begun to openly oppose the US and Israeli policies. Following the OneMinute reaction, the United States, which took the decision to liquidate the administration of Turkey, launched its Arab Spring Plan from the beginning of 2010. The aim was to overthrow the governments in this geography, starting…

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"Did the US and Russia share Syria?"

USA & PKK are being deported to Kirkuk and the US made military aid to Daesh.

The US and the PKK Terrorist Organization started deploying in the Barzani region against the Iraqi Central Government’s Havica & Kirkuk Operation. As it is known, the Iraqi Forces have started operations in the Havica area covering the southern western part of the city of Kirkuk for the last month and have seized half of the region. After the Iraqi government took Kirkuk’s Governor who is Kurdish origin from 13-year-old and began military preparations for…

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"USA & PKK are being deported to Kirkuk and the US made military aid to Daesh."

The Middle East Chess Game!

Great States, they often see each other’s cards. Just like the moves on a chessboard. You can see the other side’s move, but the only thing you can do is to convert this attack to success with your preemptive maneuver. International politics is a bit more complicated. The September 11 Attacks which have carried out with the collaboration of Russian and German intelligence was known by the United States. The Pentagon occupied Afghanistan and Iraq…

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"The Middle East Chess Game!"

Russian Domination in the Middle East over the next decade!

The civil war which has been happening in Syria in recent years has begun to spread to Iraq in recent days. Also Chaos has spread beyond all of the southern border of Turkey. New actors have appeared in the region following the U.S. withdraw from Iraq in 2012. While Russia tries to stay close to the PKK Kurdish groups, Saudi Arabia is supporting the Sunnis. Barzani is still under the control of the Israeli and…

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"Russian Domination in the Middle East over the next decade!"