The United States’ 2018 Goals

One of the most important signs of US foreign policy is to be in new moves following a defeat. The United States, which has been alone in an unexpected way about Jerusalem decide, has set new targets in Middle East. We can summarize these briefly as follows:

Iran: The last stop of the Great Middle East Project and The Arab Spring were Iran, which is the last obstacle on Middle Asia. The targeted aims were not fully realized in Syria and Iraq. Meanwhile, Iranian forces were involved in the civil war in Iraq and Syria. Iran, which fought against both the Daish and Sunni groups, faced some political, social and economic problems. It fell out with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries. Kasim Suleimani, Commander of the Al Quds Force has established a Shiite Army of about 20 thousand people to fight in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. About 3,000 of this army came from Iranian citizens, the others from neighboring countries such as Afghanistan and Tajikistan, and were Shiite groups who were willing to fight in exchange for the citizenship promise. Especially the level of loss at the commander level had negative effects on the people of Iran. Economically, the unemployment rate has risen and basic food prices have increased by 40% in the past year. All these disturbances are now turned into street demonstrations by the Orange Revolution Agents again on the Social Media channel. Now, big demonstrations are organizing in almost all major cities of Iran.

Armenia: the most significant development of the United States’ isolate was the rapprochement between Turkey and Russia. That is why the US is trying to provoke Armenia and to launch a new Armenian-Azerbaijani war. In this way, she wants to cut good relations between Turkey and Russia. In recent months, hundreds of attacks against Azerbaijani fronts have been carried out by Armenia.

Pakistan: The United States is in a very difficult situation against the Taliban, which has been expanding in Afghanistan. Nearly all areas outside the ISAF Military are dominated by Taliban forces. The Daish Khorasan Group, which the US imports from Iraq and Syria into Afghanistan, is trying to gain strength against the Taliban. Meanwhile, the tension between the Pakistani government and the United States has reached the highest level. The Pakistani Armed Forces are extremely reluctant to cooperate with the United States. In particular, Pakistan has been harassed by US operations. If the US loses Pakistan, the most important logistic center in the region, its military presence in Afghanistan will be in great danger. Because of this, the United States forces to cooperate with both the Pakistani government and its allies by the way of sometimes the threats and sometimes the political pressures.

Iraq: US relations with the Iraqi Central Government for the most sensitive execution. The US did not hesitate to spend even Barzani instead of losing Baghdad. Because US companies need to build good relations with the Central Government in order to get a share from Iraqi oil. The Iraqi Central Government is making a very uncompromising policy towards the Iraqi Kurds. Lastly, Prime Minister Al-Abadi set a precondition of 13 Articles to compromise with the Kurds. According to this; – The Kurds will remain committed to the unity of Iraq and the referendum on separation will be officially canceled. – Border gateways, airports and oil revenues will be provided to the government of Baghdad. – Criminals wanted in the Kurdish region will be delivered to the judiciary. – Kurdish authorities will not be able to engage in external relations without Baghdad’s approval. As such, the US is very careful to preserve the existing gains in Iraq. She is blocking the works about Kirkuk – Ceyhan Oil Pipeline reconstruction and the opening new gate in Silopi in Turkey.

Syria: The clearing of Daish Terrorist Organization under the leadership of Turkey and the fragmentation of Northern Syrian Kurdish Corridor by Turkey was jeopardizes the United States. The United States has fully settled in the east of the Euphrates in accordance with the 2009 agreement with Russia. Now she is building political, military and social bases to stay here for years. Military bases, training centers, checkpoints, establishing social facilities for the public in the near future and setting the bases of the Northern Syrian Kurdish Federation. Russia has already surrendered the region to the US, and the US administration does not have the trouble to persuade the Syrian Assad government. The PKK Terrorist Organization equipped with the latest model of the US military supplies, both against Syria and Turkey. She is making efforts to delay Turkey’s possible operations for Manbij and Afrin.

Daish Terrorist Organization: The United States which has lost The Daish Terrorist Organization in Syria before her prediction, moves part of the Daish militants that it can now protect, to strategic war zones like Niger – Libya, Afghanistan, Caucasian Republics and Russia. Those who transported to Niger and Libya will put pressure on Europa. In addition, those who are transported to Afghanistan will put pressure on Pakistan and the Taliban. Those who are transported to the Caucasus will put pressure on Russia. The United States’ Intelligence Units have deployed a large number of privately trained Daish militants to World Countries for bombed actions. They will be create Psychological pressure on the target countries, especially with New Year.

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