Russia Plans The provocation of the aircraft and Al Qaeda!

Dangerous provocations have been done on the Turkish – Syrian borders in recent days. Border violation of two Syrian planes and attacks of Al Qaeda against Turkiye and the tomb of Suleiman Shah give important clues. Before to explain about Al Qaeda (ISIL) issue’s detail, let’s have a look at details of border violation which is overlooked.

As everyone knows that two Syrian aircrafts which made flights on the Turkish – Syrian border are the Russian made MIG 23 jets. Without going into the technical details, we have to know that these aircrafts have many advantages and maneuverability. The two aircrafts have flown due to observe and to photograph the Turkish border. Probably, one of them was assigned to scout and the other was assigned to protect. We especially point to the Russian pilots were assigned in couple task flights in recent days. Indeed, second plane which escaped with taking into account the warning of Turkish Air Force probably was used by a Russian pilot. In contrast, the pilot of aircraft that ignored the warning and it is shot down, was a Syrian Arab.

We have expressed our previous articles on this subject, but we rearticulate that Iraqi Al Qaeda Organization is exactly under the control of Russian intelligence. Since the U.S. invasion of Iraq, it has settled in Sunni Middle Iraq and it has carried out actions against the United States’ interests.  Al Nusra Front which strengthened during Syrian civil war is a separate group outside the control of Russian Intelligence in spite of the fact that it based on Al Qaeda’s idea. Because this case offended the Russians, Iraqi Al Qaeda, namely The Organization of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, came out against Al Nusra Front and declared it as the enemy. Al Nusra Front, you can find its details in our previous articles, is a different Islamist group, based in Golan region. And it has reached a power getting the wind up not only Russia and Assad regime but also Israel.

In recent months, Iraqi Al Qaeda under the control of the Russians has captured important fronts in Syria. Iraqi Al Qaeda as well as Syrian Kurds is actually a part of a plan to strengthen Asad management. Because by reason of Al Qaeda, regional and world public opinion began to see legitimate the Assad regime again. However in recent days, ISIL has delivered some points whom it captured, to Assad army.

Iraqi Al Qaeda under the control of Russian intelligence has made two major provocations in recent days. They sent their armed militants until to Turkiye’s central provinces and they martyrized the Turkish security members. The other provocation of this group is the threat to the tomb of Suleiman Shah. The organization has been carried out its threat in this subject even though it knew that it get a response from Turkish Armed Forces and it will fail at the end. In this way, the fiddle of the organization with Turkiye will be caused a limited conflict in the region and the public’s attention away from the Crimea and Ukraine will move to this area again.

This psychological and military plan is actually walking becomingly the interests of Russia. Russia wants instability in Turkiye with subcontracted organizations such as DHKP-C. The new ally of the PKK terrorist organization both in Turkiye and Syria is Russia. Turkiye’s disintegration will be the biggest success of Russia in the region and it will be consisted a buffer zone between Turkiye and Iraq – Iran which are allies of Russia.

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