United States: Open the Border of Armenia!

The so-called Armenian genocide bill passed from the Foreign Relations Committee of U.S. Yes output in this ballot with 1 differences, by the foot games. This situation exactly seems voting of Turkish parliament to permit U.S. Army before the invasion of Iraq.

There is one message which was applied by secret control of US administration: Open your border with Armenia without preconditions put forward about Karabakh and customize normally your relations with it.

At this point, the AK Party government was faced with a major predicament. In this regard the protocols did not work. If it withdraw protocol, in this time the bill approved at the House of Representatives. If it approve the protocol, at this time the government will lose big reputation on the Turkish public. If it puts a prerequisite that is not in protocol in the Karabakh issue, the problem will make completely insoluble. There is a very troubled period in the next 3 months.

Obama and his screw are in favor of the adoption of the Armenian bill. They are waiting that Turkey‘s important to make concessions for giving up their promise. if Turkish government gives concessions, its votes that declining in the selection process will more fall.

In fact, the U.S. was nearly disabled the Turkish Armed Forces with the psychological struggle carried out. Its requests about Iran, Syria and Afghanistan in the requests did not fully taken into account for a long time by the Government of Turkey. Therefore, it  did not sound heavy criticism of  Turkish government to Israel and it remained the audience to break relations between the Jewish lobby and Turkish government.

At the moment, no one will help to the Turkish government other than the U.S. administration. It either will be track to U.S. policy, or will make a final heroic.

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