The United States will lose the Middle East!

The history is the memory of nations. When Muslims, living in the Middle East, had been intervened by the western countries, they remembered immediately the Crusades. As is known, the Crusades which go on for three age, turned lands ranging from the West to the Middle East into a bloodbath. The hundreds of thousands of people without making discrimination Muslims, Jews or Armenians were killed in Anatolia and Jerusalem.

After the Middle East entered into the domination of the Seljuk and Ottoman in 1300s, a period of peace was lived for 500 years. Muslims, Jewish or Armenian people in the region lived in the same cities, markets and neighborhoods side by side. Mosques, Churches and Synagogues were close to each other mostly within walking distance.

After the 1800s, a new wave of occupation began in the Middle East. Muslim countries from North Africa up to Central Asia were occupied by the Western states. The boundaries were redrawn, new small states were founded and big Islamic countries dismembered. The invaders which fight with each other for land sharing, retreated from the territories occupied in time. There was a great distrust and hostility toward Western countries in the Muslim communities.

After the Second World War, two blocks were founded under the United States and Russia’s leadership. The USA which want to avoid Russia’s domination in the Middle East, established NATO alliance and organized Islamic countries against Communism. When the Soviet Union broke up in 1989, the US tried to reshape the world as Superpower.

The US intelligence which knows the terrorist attack before, did not stop the September 11 attacks. Bush Administration invaded firstly Afghanistan and then Iraq for September 11 reasons. Both occupations failed and the United States suffered heavy military and economic losses. The main target of the US government was to control Syria and Iran. However, Russia formed deep alliances Iran, Iraq and Syria’s Shiite governments. Now we are living this process.

Kurdish groups in the region have deep disagreements. Talabani Peshmergas and PYD which is pro PKK Terrorist Organization are against Barzani Administration, US friendly. The United States which understood that it cannot trust the Kurds, is looking new friends. The USA wants to dominate the region without loss its soldiers as such in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is trying to build an army which will serve both the USA’s own interests.

The US fall out with Sunni Arabs, because it strengthened Shiite governments for many years. The USA Administration sports with Turkey which is it’s the most ally. On the one hand it supports to covert operations against the Turkish Armed Forces, on the other hand it makes arms aid to PYD which is the Syrian branch of the PKK Terrorist Organization that has been killing thousands of people in Turkey. It is conducting a sovereignty strategy by using ISIL Terrorist Organization that it stayed silent and helped this terrorist groups reportedly by some retired commanders and politicians who strongly criticize the Obama Administration about using Islamist groups in the US’s foreign policy.

The Obama’s new hope is France against Russian power. He thinks that France can help to balance Russia with military and nuclear power in the region.

The United States is getting lonely day by day, because it rules out the interests of its historical allies in the region. Many Arab countries which under the Coalition roof, are supporting the US for fear of being attack. In fact, the Arabs living in the region, certainly do not trust it such as Turks. The US hostility increasingly is becoming widespread.

The Middle East is actually occupied by Russia and Iran. Civilians, women and children are dying in the cities which are bombing by Assad helicopters, Russian air crafts. Super powers are proving its new weapons and making military maneuvers.

Russian bombs which will throw in Syria, are loading with prayers of Orthodox bishops. Some Americans are using the definition as “Crusade Against Terrorism”. French Interior Minister Claude Gueant and Russian Leader Vladimir Putin had also likened the Libya intervention to Crusade before.

I am afraid, many Muslim societies liken this war a crusade not only in the region but also in the world. Those who are fighting and dying either Sunni or Shia, are believe that this is an instigation war. They are questioning what Super Powers are looking at their land and praying to leave Russia and Western countries from their countries.

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