The Fly Theory!

Turks uses molasses to gather flies which is common in nature, in one place. Even there is a Turkish proverb: “If you made a good molasses, flies come from Baghdad.

Here, what happened in the Middle East today is kind of like that. Saying that this is “The Fly Theory” would not be wrong. A large molasses was boiled a little beyond our southern border. Now, all radical Islamists from all over the world are coming to the region to fight. Hundreds of Islamist fighters from Britain, France, Germany, Europe, and Asia, the Islamic world, and even from the United States are gathering here by holy war challenge of the Islamic State.

Especially the Western countries have quite satisfied due to be deciphered radical Islamists in their countries. However, this satisfaction also brings herewith a great fear. All these years, how some warriors emerged at a time, without attention of their intelligence agencies? How are they joining a war which they are knowing that there was death in the end? Can new ones appear at the any moment from thousands of Muslims still living in their countries?

Now, All intelligence agencies in the one hand, are trying to track their citizens who attended the Islamic State organization, on the other hand, they are doing a series of provocations with their officers whom they sent inside these groups. For example, while Russian Secret Service chose a British citizen to cut the head of American Journalist, American BlackWaters who were unemployed, are continuing to make bombing in Shiite areas. BND officers of Germany which are fluttering nowadays to be New Player in the region, perhaps are planning new actions on behalf of the Islamic State in Iraq, where they know very well its chemical weapons depots.

In this theatre of war, while everyone are running in pursuit of their own interests, it is very clear that no one will gain anything. This fire will affect every country which transmitted here, in time. Thousands Radical Islamists who thought that they came to the area to establish the Islamic State, will be dead not for God but for the interests of the United States and the United Kingdom or Russia and Germany.

This swamp cannot be dried in the short term. Let’s add one more note, in the long time this fire mostly burn Kurds who betrayed to the national unity of their countries living in there. Arab – Kurd hostility will not die down for many years…

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