Turkiye’s Decision is right on ISIL and We should be careful against provocations!

Turkiye did not sign the declaration of military operation against ISIL. This decision is extremely correct and Turkish society must understand the reasons for it.

World public opinion is generally directed by the United States, playing politics. Today, we are faced with a new example of the United States’ “Struggle for Existence with Threat” which was started on 11 September 2001. If we take a look at the past, we can see that the military operations of the united states were based on false reasons.

First of all, September 11 Attacks were still not clarified in its 13th anniversary. Henry Kissinger who was a diplomat and experienced intelligence, was brought to the head of the 9/11 Commission and all commission members were appointed by President W. Bush. Kissinger was a person who played the leading role in the United States’ biggest covert operations in the world. Many criticisms have been published on the Commission’s work. It was stated that the commission was forced find a relationship between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda. We don’t need to retransmit hundreds of doubts about 9/11 Attacks. In fact, according to the report results, the organizer and financier of Islamist militants who carried out suicide attacks with planes, and Al Qaeda was Saudis. However, the United States and Saudi Arabia have always remained friends.

The United States occupied Afghanistan and Iraq on account of 9/11. NATO and Some Islamic countries were involved the process for the Legitimization of occupation like today. Both Afghanistan and Iraq operations failed. Thousands of people, women and children lost their lives in these military operations.

Yesterday the threat was Al Qaeda and Taliban; Today the threat is Islamic State (ISIL). Al Qaeda and Taliban threats was created by the United States. It settled in the most strategic regions of the Middle East and the Islamic countries such as Afghanistan, Yemen, Somali and Sudan on account of the fighting with Al Qaeda.

Today, the main objective of ISIL operation is the United States’ attempt to settle the region. As mentioned in our previous articles, Russia, Iran, Iraqi Shiite Government with the United States, regional Sunni countries especially Saudis and Gulf countries had played significant role in the formation of the Islamic State. The expectations of Russia were the legitimization of Assad government in Syria and the turning away of the public opinion from Ukraine to the Middle East again. The expectation of the United States was the strengthening Sunnis against Shiites in Iraq and Syria.

Today, Assad Management is caught in Capital, Damascus. Even some of the outskirts of Damascus fell into the hands of the opposition groups. If the opposition groups will be more supported a little, Syrian regime will be toppled. However, the main goal of the United States is to be leader in re-formation of the region and to prevent the Islamists coming to power in Syria.

Planned military operations will not extinguish the fire in the region and will cause the spreading of fire to the whole world. Thousands of radical Islamists who are in the same faith as Islamist fighters who came to the region to die, have been living in all Western and Islamic countries for years.

Thoughts and beliefs cannot be prevented by the wars. If it could succeed, Israel which carried out many massacres against Palestinians, could do this.

The United States still has not been able to be a modern state and to away from the cowboy mentality. Therefore it believed that any issues can be solved with gun and has failed many times in this regard. Today, the name of democracy, all the Middle East and the Islamic World have become the battlefields. If the main aim was the democratic consolidation in Islamic world, perhaps much greater success could be recovered with only one percent of these billions of dollars which have been spent in wars.

The Turkish Government had made a big mistake by supporting the Greater Middle East Project. Today, it is having aftermath.

However, Turkiye’s decision on non-interference in the Middle East War –if it is really right- extremely correct. In this war, the United States and Gulf Arab Countries have not any risk. Arabs will give money, the United States will bomb the targets which have not any air defense system. The coalition countries which will carry out ground war, will have major risk. Turkiye must not exceed its limits in Afghanistan operation.

Western countries dissembled in Syrian issue and it still maintains the same attitude. Leader and all commanders of Ahrar Es-Sam which is the biggest group of the Islamic Front which was established under the leadership of the United States, were killed by a bomb attack in the past day. There has been a common opinion that Western and Saudi intelligence services helped in this action. Damascus Group had announced that they are not going to fight against ISIL as long as they attack them.

If the United States responds against Turkiye’s decision with violence like it was happened after 2003, there will be three major issues in front of us:

  1. The bombs which will be detonated under brand ISID –like Reyhanli- by intelligence agencies, can leave Turkiye Management in a difficult situation.
  2. The establishment of the federal regions in Northern Syria by the PKK Terrorist Organization may be facilitated.
  3. Turkiye may be faced with a financial crisis in 2015.

The United States should consider the security issues of his friends as well as look out for its own interests. The Western intelligence services such as CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD should avoid covert operations against the Turkish society. The western countries should be left to betray their friends.

The wounds of psychological war which were carried out against the Turkish Army by the United States after 2003 decision, were still not closed.

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