Ethnic and Religious Division

Results of the referendum on September 12, carries the scars of ethnic and religious division.
BDP’s election boycott which is recognized by everyone is the PKK’s political extension showed the effectiveness the separatist Kurdish movement in the Southeast. The goal of Kurdish PKK movement is to win of 37 seats vicinity in future elections.
Referendum has managed to combine Islamist organizations, communities and sects under one roof in Turkey. The conservative nationalists in Central Anatolia and the East provide important support knowingly or unknowingly to the Islamic Front.
active Democratic, nationalist and Turkish nationalist groups in the Mediterranean and the Aegean region determined its own line with the No vote.
There were especially three main trends after administrative reforms (1839): Turkism, Islamism, and Westernization. During the Republican era, this trend continued for a long time. Particularly in the last decade, while Westernization and Turkism lose power, Islamism won the power again. Ethnic and Religious groups who rejected the Union Language, Culture and History allied under the same roof to collapse the Nation State.
We have seen ethnic and religious divisions such as Turkey in many countries targeted the U.S after 1990. Iraq drifted into a deep social degradation both ethnic division such as Arab, Kurdish, Turkoman, Assyrian and religious division such as Shiite and Sunni sectarian.
Afghanistan was divided dozens of Sunni political Islamist groups such as the Taliban, Hizb Islami and Cemiyet Islami. The religious groupings have strengthened with ethnic differences such as Beluci Tajik and Pashtun.
The most tragic table of ethnic and religious divide is experienced perhaps in Pakistan. The major Islamist groups who supported by the United States since the 1950s, itself was shattered. Increasing of U.S. hostility, ethnic and religious divisions were equally accelerated.
Turkey became one of countries whom was targeted by U.S. and British. This alliance who marginalized Russia and China from the Greater Middle East is trying to manage Islamic world with the assistance of moderate Sunni Islamist groups. U.S. plan would prevent strenghening of Shia opposition movements of Iran in Iraq, Gulf and Middle East.
U.S. and Britain did not take lessons from the past. They have forgotten that the Islamist movement will be the target of the West after reached its goals with the help of the West.
Islamist movements are not small religious groups who have been controlled by the United States and Britain for centuries as before. They have dominant big capital, modern technology and the western-trained as in Iran. This Islamist groups will lead to be deleted the United States and Britain in the region in future.
Turkey who will become unstable with ethnic and religious fragmentation will not be any benefit to the West. As long as U.S. and UK continue this strategy, American and Western hostility will increase further.

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