The US is not fighting against Daesh (ISIL:ISIS)

The US, which has settled in Syria under the pretext of struggling with the Daesh Terrorist Organization, has not been seriously intervened for months.

In the region, Turkey and the Iraqi government were eliminated Daish Terrorist Organization for its own territory in a short time. Syria, on the other hand, carried the Daish militants in the Yarmuk region, just south of Damascus, to the south of Syria. Currently, the Daesh Terrorist Organization has three important settlement areas in the region: Eastern Syria is the largest and most important Daesh Area of which is under the control of the US & PKK Terrorist Organization. In the desert area between Palmira and DeirEzzor, there is the second big Daesh Area. This is where the largest natural gas deposits of the region are located. The third area of ​​the Daesh Terrorist Organization is on the Eastern Golan, which is very important for Israel. Likewise, Israel has no interference against Daesh Terrorist Organization in this region. In short, the areas where the Daesh Terrorist Organization currently exists are the most strategic and unprocessed oil and gas deposits in Syria.

After the US settled in the region on the pretext of fighting with the Daesh Terrorist Organization, it began business cooperation with the PKK Terrorist Organization. The US and the PKK have good relations with the Daesh in their respective regions. The United States, which governs the International Coalition forces, is not fighting against the Daisies Terrorist Organization despite the high battle power.

For this reason, in recent days, the Iraqi Air Force has started air operations against Daesh, which the United States has not fought against.

Note: As is known, many incidents of US aid to the Daesh Terrorist Organization have occurred, many of which have been deciphered.

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