The United States Learns from its Mistakes!

The United States that can learn from its mistakes and can make a comeback from its current policies despite making big mistakes, corrected its route once again. The US which was considered as a supporter of the Assad regime a long time, deprecated this policy categorically with Obama‘s speech in the UN. We hope that the United States will correct its mistake policy about the establishing Kurdistan and the relations with the PKK & PYD Terrorist organizations.

There are two main forces that drive the US such mistakes:

The first is England. The United Kingdom saw its own imperialist interests on all kinds of ethical values throughout history and left his closest allies in the lurch with its covert operations. The British took as a goal to achieve its historical policies always using the United States as a armed force. Indeed, Centenarian Kurdistan Dream is the most important example in this regard. The splitting of Turkey does not provide benefits to the West.

The second major force that influences US policies, is the Radical Zionist Management in Israel. The Zionists have been identified the regional chaos and conflicts as a strategy to ensure the territory of Israel, with occupied lands. The Israeli Secret Service has an important role behind the sectarian conflicts in the region as Iran. Likewise, in the uncovering of a new larger conflict area in the region such as Kurdistan is reduced in accordance with Israel’s Zionist policy. However, the reconstruction of the peace continued for hundreds of years until the 1950s between Jews and Muslims is possible. The deepening of hatred and fuelling the fire will not build a secure future for Israel in the region, nor in the country.

The United States should get rid of the effects of the Great Britain and Israel’s Zionist Management to continue to lead the world and to defend liberty and justice which were the basic concepts its establishing in the history.

If the Western countries and the International forces are sincere in solving the Middle East problem, they should be devoted a small portion of the budget devoted to war for scientific researches about this subject. Those who will establish a peace in the Middle East today and in the future are Scientists, not Politicians. They will produce a permanent solution and the peace with wisdom and justice against the politicians who can not ignore their interests.

The regional conflict which based on religious and sectarian divisions should be handled primarily by the leaders of Sunni and Shiite sects and high priests of Christian and Jewish religious. Although there have been cases on the basis of religion and sectarian conflict in the Middle East for decades, there have not been any efforts of the religious and sectarian leaders to establish the peace. The biggest reason of this situation is religious and sectarians are under pressure and management of politicians in the region. For example, the leadership of the Shiite sect must get over the Pharisaic Iranian policy.

Although there are the conflict based on sectarian divisions in all ethnic groups in the region, the communities which can live together with different sectarians in the peace, are Turkish communities. Therefore, the reliance on the Turkish leadership for establish the peace would bring great benefits both the region and the world. In this regard, The Safe Zone Proposal of Turkey will be one of the primary applications for peace.

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