Background of the Strategic of Agca Assassinations

International terrorist of Turkey M. Ali Agca got out of prison and discussions about his assassinations came to order again. Yet I was a young journalist reading at the university during Agca assassinations. At that time, I had made a comment and today I see that this comment is true.

Agca was used by CIA and NATO’s Secret Service which is established to combat against the Soviet Union. The process leading Turkiye to the September 12th military coup can be found in the previous comment. Especially in 1979, there are these services which are the behind of many provocations accelerating the conflict environment between opposed groups. Also Ipekci assassination is planned by these units which are controlled by the CIA.

Using of Agca in the area of international began in 1981. Becoming new president of U.S. of Ronald Reagan in the beginning of 1981 had been the beginning of a new era. When NATO Forces former Commander Alexander Haig came to U.S. Secretary of State, the United States’ attitude quite hardened against the Soviet Union. A. Haig as a former commander who is pro-Turkiye was the most important secret supporter of September 12th military coup. Haig was defending Turkiye that suffered severe criticism by Western countries and was said that Turkiye was liberated from the Soviet threat by military coup.

In 1981, the most important problem of the United States and the West was the matter of Poland. New destination of the Soviet Union which was invading Afghanistan and away Iran from the West was Poland. Western countries considered that the Soviet Union would be occupy Poland and were thought nothing could do. Such a period, CIA was behind the action of 10 million workers led by Lech Valesa in Poland. In these days that Red Army began to maneuver, the workers’ rebellion was not enough. As a result of Soviet pressure, the third Prime Minister had changed in a short time. U.S. needed a major political plan to save Poland.

Within this framework, NATO Secret Service chose M. Ali Agca to assassinate Pope.

Meanwhile, the Pope 2 Jean Paul who is Polish origin had warned the Soviet Union. At the same time, The Pope had a close friendship with Polish labor leader Lech Valesa. The Assassination of Pope whom to be held responsible of Soviet was planned for raising the people of Catholic Poland. Socialists were strong in Spain and France and Germany followed a soft policy against the Soviet Union because of East Germany. Therefore, US could cooperate with two countries: Turkiye and Italy. And even, Italy President Pertini was clear his line on this issue by saying that the back of terrorism in Turkiye is Soviets.

Within this framework, NATO Secret Service chose M. Ali Agca to assassinate Pope. The aim was not to kill the Pope and he did not die. After Agca mixed minds a period, he destroyed the assassination to the Soviet through Bulgarians. NATO and the CIA reached its objective and were shot two birds with one stone. Both Westerners understand coup in Turkey due to terrorism and the Catholic people of Poland became enemy to the Soviets. Moscow and Poland Communist Parties strained terms. The Soviets, decided not to invade Poland.

As our opinion, the main strategic reasons of staying dark of Ipekci and Pope’s assassinations are the ones. In the coming days M. Ali Agca will probably go to Italy and Europe and he will correspond to a million dollars will make an important copyright agreements.

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