Israel and Iran will become neighbors!

Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Iran and Israel managements have two bitter enemies in the region. Iranian leaders have been saying that “we wipe Israel off the map one day” for years. Also Israel has been concerning of the strengthening of Iran in the region and its having nuclear weapons from the last ten years. However, Israel secretly supported the Iran sometimes. We remember that Israel had sold American weapons to Iran, during Iran – Iraq war.

In fact, a major problem and the conflict had not happened between Jews and Muslims until the establishment of Israel. In contrast, Jews suffered the largest massacres in Europe, Spain and Germany. During the Second World War, the Russians delivered thousands of Jews to the Germany army and sent to the gas chambers. The most of the Russian tsars were a fierce enemy of the Jews.

Israel also fought with the Russian ally countries after 1950s. Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser and Syrian leader Hafez al-Assad were the regional allies of the Soviet Union. Soviets and Russia exploited the Syria as a Terror Training Center against the Western countries and Turkiye. Many Marxist terrorist groups, PKK and ASALA terrorist organizations were managed from Syria. After the 1980s, Hezbollah which was founded by Iran in Lebanon, became Israel’s neighbor and it’s the biggest enemy.

Until the 1980s, Damascus and Beirut were a holiday resort for all Arab tourists. Assad management and Hezbollah dragged the Lebanon which was a peace country, to the civil war and conflicts. After these years, the Arabs did not go to the Damascus for holiday. On the other hand, Iran sent thousands of Iranian people with state-sponsored every year. The people started to speak Persian more than Arabic especially in Damascus.

Now, Russia, Assad, Iran and Hezbollah are allies in the Middle East. Israel with the Western countries are watching the devastation of Syria by Russia and its allies. While on the one hand Israel is supporting the Assad regime, on the other hand it is paving the way of the domination of Russia and Iran to the Middle East. Iran, Hezbollah and Shiite Amal are increasing their power in Lebanon. A new Prime Minister, Iran backed, will come soon in Lebanon.

Israel is preparing its own end with remaining silent on the presence of Russia in the Middle East. The secret agreements between Russia and Israel will not give positive results. Russia did not keep its promises to many countries until today. Ukraine, Crimea, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan have seen big losses from Russia’s hypocritical policy. Even if it is not today, in future Palestinian Muslims and Jews will learn to live together like in the old days.

But now, Iran which is the leader of Shiite Islamism, will become neighbor to Israel.

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