Kobani Kurdish Theater and the United States!

The urban warfare is continuing in the AynulArab or Kobani (Kurdish name) which is central settlement of the PKK terrorist organization in Syria. In fact, while was taking that this city was captured by the Islamic State for granted about one month ago, this issue became a Kurdish Theater after the United States came into play.

USA, on the one hand is not giving up the idea of establishing of Kurdistan, on the other hand trying to hero Barzani Peshmergas by disabling the PKK in the region. The US does not want to see Syrian Kurdish militants as terrorist, for all Turkiye’s trouble. Strategy War is in some sort continuing between the United States and Turkiye.

It is on the map that some of Academi (BlackWater) Fighters  who ended their missions in Baghdad, charged with helping to locate IS militants in city for bombing.

Despite all the efforts of the United States, things is going wrong. The Islamic State has almost conquered two third of the Kobani city from eastern and southern. The situation of Barzani Special Forces which the US trying to heroize, was a comedy. The soldiers brought to the area many heavy weapons, unsuitable for urban warfare. At least two squad soldiers deserted in way. The commanders of the special forces attracted a great deal of attention with big belly big and bulky structures. Some of soldiers had been trained by the CIA in the Guam Island before Iraq War. Also some soldiers dressed the US military uniform holdover from Guam.

Barzani Soldiers entered Turkiye in the control of the CIA’s chief. The passing of soldiers was planned at the night, but the convoy was delayed and Kurdish Troops passed at the daylight. The situation became a callithump parade even in the founding day of Turkiye.

Neither PKK Terrorist Organization and nor PYD which is Syrian unit of PKK, don’t want Barzani soldiers in the Kobani City. In the meantime they want to carry the responsibility of a potential defeat on Barzani’s shoulders. In the AynulArab Urban Warfare had killed over 1,000 PKK militants.

Although it is said that some of the Free Syrian Army soldiers were fighting in the city, FSA Headquarters opposed to the war outside of Hama, Homs and Aleppo. The United States is in a great despair. In the long term, the biggest goal of the Arabs will become the Kurds, incapable of protecting himself.

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