The Corona Effect in The Middle East Politics

The Corona Outbreak, which affected the region and the world since March, will soon have important political and military consequences. After these days, we will talk about two periods as Before Corona and After Corona. The Middle East and the World will witness a significant change in the next decade, After Corona.. From the point of view of the Middle East, the most important effects of this are for Russian and Iranian politics: Iran is…

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"The Corona Effect in The Middle East Politics"

What happens if Turkey takes Air Support from the US Coalition in Idlib Operation?

For a long time Turkiye had remained silent to besiege of Peace Monitoring Points which were established within the framework of the Sochi Agreements, by Assad regime. Encouraged by this silence, Russia and the Assad regime took action to take over Idlib in its entirety. Their primary goal was to capture the M4 and M5 motorways linking Aleppo to Latakia and Damascus. The capture of these highways by the Assad regime meant that Idlib was…

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"What happens if Turkey takes Air Support from the US Coalition in Idlib Operation?"

Iranian Attack Looks Like A Sham Fight.

Years of tension and indirect conflict between the US and Iran have evolved directly into the conflict area. At this stage, it is useful to briefly summarize the background of US and Iran governments targets. As we know, the US aimed to settle in Iraq, the oil area of the Middle East after Afghanistan. However, after the 2003 invasion, he lost thousands of troops, withdrew most of his troops, and now continues with proxy war.…

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"Iranian Attack Looks Like A Sham Fight."

Al-Baghdadi and The Fly Theory

There is a proverb in the Middle East: “If you make very good molasses well, its fly comes from Baghdad.” That’s exactly what happened. A molasses was boiled in the Middle East and its fly came from Baghdad: Al-Baghdadi. We know that the US is working to establish a Unipolar World Order after the collapse of the Soviet Union. According to political science, the State is the toppest organization with the authority to use weapons.…

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"Al-Baghdadi and The Fly Theory"

Is Turkey killing Kurds in Syria?

Turkey operations carried out in north-east Syria, alarmed the Western countries . Western societies think that “Turks kill Kurds”. Is that the truth? The Kurds have been working at all levels of the Turkish state for years. There are many Turkish citizens of Kurdish origin at the level of bureaucrats, statesmen or ministers. Right or Left parties all have Kurdish MPs and make up the majority. Besides, there is a terrorist organization called PKK in…

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"Is Turkey killing Kurds in Syria?"