The Dirty Bargains between the US and Daesh

President Trump had declared on 28 February 2019, that “we just took over 100 percent” of territory controlled by the Islamic State in Syria. Besides with this statement, many dirty negotiations also came to light between the United States and the Daesh Terrorist Organization. Hassan Salem, an Iraqi lawmaker, said on 28 February 2019 that the leader of the Daesh Terrorist Organization, Abu Bakr Baghdadi, travels freely through Iraqi desert in the province of Anbar…

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"The Dirty Bargains between the US and Daesh"

Saudi Arabia and Emirates close ranks with Israel

The Middle East Conference, held in Warsaw, Poland, on February 13, 2019, launched an historic period between Israel and the Saudi Coalition. The conference was a result of the US’s attempt to establish a Middle East Alliance against Iran. Speaking at the conference meal, US Vice President Pence said:: “I believe we are beginning a new era, With prime minister Netanyahu from the state of Israel, with leaders from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE…

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"Saudi Arabia and Emirates close ranks with Israel"

If God lets, we buy SU-57 instead of F-35.

Exactly as it was after the Cyprus Peace Operation, it is implemented a de facto embargo against Turkey by the United States. Finally, the F-35 war planes that Turkey’s producing partner were also blocked by the USA. No doubt the main reasons were Turkey’s rapprochement with Russia, the purchase of S-400 Air Defense System and Turkey’s opposition to US Middle East policy. We say: If God lets, we do not buy the F-35 fighter jets…

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"If God lets, we buy SU-57 instead of F-35."

The US is not fighting against Daesh (ISIL:ISIS)

The US, which has settled in Syria under the pretext of struggling with the Daesh Terrorist Organization, has not been seriously intervened for months. In the region, Turkey and the Iraqi government were eliminated Daish Terrorist Organization for its own territory in a short time. Syria, on the other hand, carried the Daish militants in the Yarmuk region, just south of Damascus, to the south of Syria. Currently, the Daesh Terrorist Organization has three important…

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"The US is not fighting against Daesh (ISIL:ISIS)"

Daesh (ISIL:ISIS) Project is collapsing.

Daish (ISIL) Project which was established to collect the Radical Islamists who rose after the 1980s at certain strategic areas, to fight against their enemies (other Sunni groups) and to disband those who threatened them by MI6, Mossad and CIA with the logistic help of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Gulf countries and with the approval of Russia and Syrian regime due to its interests, is now in a deadlock First, World Islamism is no…

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"Daesh (ISIL:ISIS) Project is collapsing."