The Actual Reasons of Radical Islam!

The photo above sums up the current state of the Islamic world. Boko Haram which is an Islamic terrorist organization in Nigeria, kidnapped 200 female students last month. They have girls, all of them are dressed in linen, prayer Fatiha Verse. Also, the meaning of “Boko Haram” is that Western education is sin.

Here is today’s Islamic world: The Arabic Quran Education has been settled in the center of their life. Learning Arabic Quran without understanding its meaning and Reading Arabic verses in pray are both the basis of religion and education. Saying Arabic verses reported from God again to God without understanding is considered as worship.

Not only Nigeria but also all of Muslims from England to Pakistan or from Egypt to Turkiye are same minded. Even Turkiye which is the most modern Islamic country reconstructed its education system for being to make children be Hafiz, who memorize all Quran verses, without passing the age of going to Quran courses. Do not think that it has another wisdom: The actual reason is to teach Quran to children after the first four years of education. If Turkiye which is the most modern Islamic country is this case, it is useless need to mention others.

Islamic Civilization was opening out during the subsequent rise after the Prophet Muhammad. In this period, science resources from Ancient Greece, India and Egypt were being translated to Arabic; Islamic thought was renewing itself by assimilating latest information of that had been reached by humanity. This understanding brought up many philosophers such as Avicenna (Ibn Sina), Farabi and Averroes (Ibn Rushd). Their works became the basis for today’s modern Western civilization over Andalusia.

After Seljuk period, the Arabic culture descended over of the Islamic world like a nightmare. Muslims which were opening outside in the beginning, began to turn inwards. In the process of time, they turned inward more and more. They moved away from west and east and were confined to the tribal culture in the Saudi desert.

They dressed like them, protected like them and accused outer world of disbelief and stud. Only Arabic Quran and Arabic Pray became the center of their life.

The main problem of today’s Muslims is this. As Wahhabism, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, the Leshker Tayyibe, Jundullah, Hezbollah, Salafis and the Muslim Brotherhood, the dilemma of all of İslamic groups is same. This is an attitude of mind which is surrounded by Sectarian and community walls! This is a mental structure which is enemy, impatient, intolerant, despitefulness against the people who do not think in the same way! This is a society which forgotten that the Prophet had come to just beautiful morality and peace, this is actual meaning of Islam.

Boko Haram or others are simply a product of this idea. Each one of them is the shame of Islam. They are also tongs of intelligence services and imperialist countries’ justification for humiliation and colonial. Saudi Wahhabism, the Taliban and the Muslim Brotherhood which were supported for the sake of the United States in the beginning, are now out of control. Hizb Tahrir, North Africa Sects, Middle East Naqshis, Ottomanist Caliphate Groups and Inshallah Mashallah Clubs have been serving to the interests of the UK!

Neither social ethics of the Prophet, nor Justice Candle of Hazrat Umar have been talked todays! Asian Philosophers’ Mysticism that is over religions, has not been talked anymore. Neither there is subtle understanding like establishing the foundation for thirsty pigeons, nor Ahi understanding which sends more customers its neighbors which has not have any customer yet. There is no longer a farsightedness like abolishing slavery even if it is not there in Quran. There is no longer Turkish custom which legates equally between daughters and boys even if it is not there in Islam. There is not also old Turkish tradition that leader was sitting with his woman side by side, even saying her “Hanım” (My Khan), against Arab tradition that sees women as manservant.

Now there is an Islamist idea that ignores basic human existence and unique character of different communities. Muhammed Abduh who was a big philosopher, said that “I take refuge in God from everything about politics…” (Euzu billahi min es Siyase ve’l Saisi…). But there is a political Islamism which disfigures Islam with politics, trade and benefits. And despite this downturn, there are Muslims who support blindly these political Islamists, are included in these crimes and who have forgotten they will be called to account by Allah one day,.

We miss previous Islam, brotherhood, peace, love and morality before Islamists.


 The organization that its local name is Boko Haram was founded by Mohammed Yusuf in Maiduguri city which is capital of Borno State in the North East of Nigeria in 2002. Osama bin Laden transferred two million dollars to Islamist organizations in Nigeria, while he was establishing Al Qaeda in the early 2000s. Boko Haram Organization was established around the mosque and the Quran courses. Leader Yusuf (Joseph) was a member of Yan Brother Group, as known “Quranist”. They had opportunity in this area because The northern part of Nigeria was Muslim 99 percent.

They established military camps and entered into clashes with security forces in Nigeria after 2004. When Nigerian Army attacked Boko Haram’s social complex in 2009, 200 community members and Mohammed Yusuf were killed. After Ebu Bakr Sheka become new leader, conflicts has worsened since 2011. With calling of Boko Haram, many Islamist fighters who have thought of Al Qaeda, came to the region from Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Syria. In several attacks, hundreds of people from both Muslims and members of other religions have been killed. The United States have placed a seven million-dollar reward on head of Sheka who is a ruthless militant.

The terrorist organization argues returning to the early years of Islam and removing all innovations in religion like Wahhabism. Its followers who has affected by Ibn Taymiyya, who is radical Saudi scholar, are known “Ahl Sunnah Community for Calling and Fighting” (Cemaat Ahl Sunnah lil Daveh va’l Jihad). The Organization aims to establish an Islamic State in Northern Nigeria and to spread all over Nigeria. They are opposing to Western-style education. Boko Haram has kidnapped 200 female students between the ages of 11-18 in April 14, 2014.

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