The Intelligence War Between France and the USA

When that the National Security Agency snooped on the phones of France’s last three presidents and secretly recorded their conversations about Middle Eastern peace talks, came to light in latest WikiLeaks documents; tempers flared between the United States and France. France sent a diplomatic note to the USA and declared it expects an apology from the United States.

Also yesterday it is announced that French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira thinks National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange might be allowed to settle in France.

These reactions gave the NSA which has a free hand on US Administration and use radical Islamists for foreign policy objectives, the hump. For these reasons, it is seemed that the NSA and Pentagon gave a different answer to France.

Today, it is carried out an attack which bears the Islamic States Organization’s signature in the south of France. Some people were wounded in the attack and the murdered man’s head was found attached to a wire mesh fence surrounded two flags.

In this way, it is given a good example to listen the phones from the NSA and it is wanted to remove snooping subject from the agenda.

As is known, after the Islamic State (ISIS) emerged, many large and small radical Islamist groups from many parts of the world had announced their allegiance to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. Nowadays, about 50 groups from Morocco and Algeria to the Middle East and Asia are terrorizing with the ISIS Flag. Also today, same groups killed 27 people in Tunisia. It is stated that many of leaders of these ISIS groups who had been fighting Al Qaeda front before 2014, were in connection with the secret services of the United States, British and Israel.

It is no longer hidden that the United States snooped its allies which have cooperated for years in the same network (NATO), disregarded strategic interests of its allies and even helped to the enemies of its allies.

After this stage, it is expected that France will response towards the United States with its legions in the Islamic world. This case will exacerbate the war between the US and France which has efficiency in the Lebanon and Syria.

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