Assad & Israel’s Cooperation After Putin & Trump Meeting in G20

There are some important milestones in recent history. Especially after the secret discussions and the agreements which are not known of the public, are made between the big states, world policies can change in the opposite direction. The most important example of this in the last decade, after Obama – Putin meeting was that the sharing Syria, the emergence of Daesh Terrorist Organization and the invasion of the west of the Euphrates by Russia and…

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"Assad & Israel’s Cooperation After Putin & Trump Meeting in G20"

Saudi Arabia and Emirates close ranks with Israel

The Middle East Conference, held in Warsaw, Poland, on February 13, 2019, launched an historic period between Israel and the Saudi Coalition. The conference was a result of the US’s attempt to establish a Middle East Alliance against Iran. Speaking at the conference meal, US Vice President Pence said:: “I believe we are beginning a new era, With prime minister Netanyahu from the state of Israel, with leaders from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE…

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"Saudi Arabia and Emirates close ranks with Israel"

The US is not fighting against Daesh (ISIL:ISIS)

The US, which has settled in Syria under the pretext of struggling with the Daesh Terrorist Organization, has not been seriously intervened for months. In the region, Turkey and the Iraqi government were eliminated Daish Terrorist Organization for its own territory in a short time. Syria, on the other hand, carried the Daish militants in the Yarmuk region, just south of Damascus, to the south of Syria. Currently, the Daesh Terrorist Organization has three important…

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"The US is not fighting against Daesh (ISIL:ISIS)"

Who does support The Islamic State?

We all remember well what Taliban did before the invasion of Afghanistan. The world’s two largest standing Buddha statues were blown up by the Taliban in Central Afghanistan. Towards the 2000s, our television news was awash with Taliban actions. Women who wear Burka and long-bearded Muslims, whom we thought that they were living only in Afghanistan, used to put fear in our hearts. Therefore, when the United States invaded Afghanistan, nobody didn’t find strange, even…

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"Who does support The Islamic State?"

Muslim – Jewish Hostility and Turks

Until the 1950s, there was not a serious enmity between the Jewish and the Muslim communities. Jews and Muslims smoothly lived in the same country, same city and same neighborhood throughout history. There were Jewish quarters and synagogues where they had been able to worship in many Muslim countries. The Jews continued to exist even in Iran which is Israel’s greatest enemy today. The Jews freely traded in the Islamic world for centuries. Jewish cemeteries…

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"Muslim – Jewish Hostility and Turks"