Recommendations for The United States Administration!

People’s behaviors based on their experiences and habits acquired in the past. The situation for Nations and Communities is no different. This point of view, the public policy of the United States bears the traces of her past experiences and habits.

After the discovery of America, North America was a dream country until today. It was a colonization country for powerful European countries, an affluent country for the poor and a freedom country for the devout Protestants and Jews who cannot live comfortably with their beliefs in their countries.

The most important examples of the culture of slavery in world history took place in this country. Although the slavery which led to American Civil War and the death of tens of thousands of American people, was banned by President Lincoln in 1865, the understanding of the White Boss and Black Slave continued. While women got the right to vote in 1920, Blacks got the same equal legal rights in 1964.

American Society lived in fear of security and slept with a gun under their pillow throughout history. After World War II, The United States and the Soviet Union assumed leaderships of the West and East blocks. A new enemy emerged for American society: Communism. The United States came to hunt Communists in both intrastate and abroad. For the sake of a victory, thousands of Americans were sacrificed in Vietnam. The United States has spent billions of dollar in NATO countries for security and enemies.

Although the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990 let the United States without hostile and irresolutely for a while, Americans found a new enemy in a short time: Their former allies Radical Islamists who fought together against Communism.

The head of the United States and her international policy have been at sea since the 1990s. Where the ally or enemy of the United States with Islamists is undefined. She was ally with Political Islamists until yesterday, but now she is enemy with them. If we think that the United States is against terrorism and armed Islamists, but she is supporting to many armed Islamists groups from Libya to Syria and Iraq.

In reality, the United States lives unprincipled. There is single principle of the United States: The interests. All right, each country has its own interests, but it must be some universal principles for a country which wants to a worldwide leader. The policy of the United States in the Islamic World, cannot escape from the circle of hypocrisy and self-interests. Instead of being ally with Nations, the U.S. is sealing alliances with gangs, congregations and interest groups. Therefore, Anti-American Hostility grows among Muslim people day by day.

The last example, the United States turned a blind eye to the development of the Islamic State both in Iraq and Syria. However The United States and Israel expected to fight with Iran and Maliki Government, the expected war did not occur between Sunnis and Shiites. The Islamic State did not enter the field of Shiite domination and began to expand in the north of Syria and Iraq. This situation has threatened the interests of the United States, because the United States took up its position to protect and built the Kurdistan under the management of Barzani.

Since Vietnam, the United States’ regional strategies have resulted in a complete fiasco. Nevertheless, it makes the same mistakes. The U.S. has spent their billions of dollars and thousands of troops in Afghanistan. Now, even the current Afghan government is opposed to the United States. Last week, the United States lost her highest general in a Taliban attack at NATO headquarters since Vietnam. Maliki Management is completely under the control of Iran.

While the United States is bombing the Islamic States’ emplacements, it is forming a basis for strengthening of PKK Terrorist Organization in this region. In Lebanon, on the one hand it is supporting Sunnis against Hezbollah, on the other hand, when Sunnis grew stronger, it is helping the Lebanese army against Sunnis.

The world is not like it was ten years ago. No need Snowden or WikiLeaks to acknowledge the facts. Everything which is happening in the Word, is publishing on open sources. Even the terrorist organizations which were underground until yesterday, have news channels over the internet. Islamic communities are constantly reading and watching videos. Although US-Funded Islamists kept quiet about happenings in the Islamic world, all the time of being allies, they are collecting a big hostility in their inner.

Within this framework, we have to give some advices to the United States Management:

  • International policy is so clear that it cannot hide. Therefore, the United States’ policies should be based on clear and unambiguous rules rather than hidden and implicit interests.
  • Sunni-Shiite conflict in the Islamic world will not contribute to the interests of the United States, because the source of all the negativity in the Islamic World is known as the United States and Israel. Islamic communities does not have any information about neither Russia’s intelligence activities, nor covert operations of the United Kingdom and Germany. The United States should argue conflicts among Muslimsin plain English.
  • Christians, Jews and Muslims lived in peace and nested in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Turkiye and Palestine for centuries. Ethnic and religious tensions, primarily will lead to the extinction of small Christian and Jews groups in the Islamic world. While the United States was remaining silent, when hundreds of children and women were killed in Syria and Gaza, it immediately launched an operation for Christians in Northern Iraq. All Islamist groups which are allying with the United States, noted this two-face behavior somewhere.
  • Israel must be enforced by the United States to make a long term peace deal with Hamas. Neither Hezbollah in Lebanon, nor Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza cannot be completely eliminated. After that, even the best technological wars will not bring a complete victory for states.
  • The United States led a modern Islamic country like Pakistan to a stalemate which will take hundreds of years by establishing the Taliban movement against Russia and northerner Islamic groups. Similarly today, the United States will lead another modern Islamic country like Turkiye to a stalemate which will take hundreds of years by supporting Kurds and Islamic groups against Iran and Shiite Iraq Management.
  • People’s bodies are able to remove only with the atomic bombs. The beliefs and ideas are able to change only with a rational and scientific methods. The faiths have been dominated to all politic and trade life, because the Mind and Science were disabled. Today, unfortunately the most important determinant of International policy are religious wars.
  • Radical Islam will be resurrected opposing radical hostility like Radical Christianity. The cruel and unjust policies of Radical Jewish Management in Israel, deeply hurt the entire Muslim.
  • Radicalism has not religion, sect or race. Radicalism very easy can blossom in every religion and community and it can damage all of humanity. The radical Islamist groups whom the United States remained silent for her strategic interests are like a bomb, ready to burst not only in Islamic world, but also in the United States and Western countries. Radicalism is based on ignorance. If the United States wants to peace and tranquility in her country and the world, the most important objective of her should be to contribute to the development of rational and scientific ideas.
  • Radical religionist are not only using weapon. The firing away of weapons are radical ideas in minds. The development is not only just financial wealth and defense technology. The most important indicator of a developed society is universal philosophical ideas.
  • Democracy does not settle with weapons, it imbeds firstly to brains with mind, science and philosophy.
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