Israel’s Plan to attack Iran

While Iran has been trying to acquire nuclear weapons, Israel is continuing to prepare to strike Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities. Israel does not want that another country has nuclear power apart from itself in the Middle East and it perceives this as a threat to life. Also, for this reason it struck nuclear reactors of Iraq in 1981 and of Syria in 2007.

There has been three major names who are planning of Israel’s security operations: Mossad Chief Tamir Pardo, Military Intelligence Chief Aviv Kochavi and Shinbet Chief Yoram Cohen. Those are to inform to Israeli Government about security threats, to warn and to prepare the required operations.

The only way of an operation against regional countries is the air operation. There are many aspects much more important than before planning of an air attack. It is difficult to be able to identify exactly the locations of nuclear reactors which is built especially underground and the areas to access by land or air. Intelligence works that is done about this subject can be summarized by order.

  1. The analyzing of tracks obtained via military intelligence satellites and  of videos and photos acquired by this way.
  2. In the event that is possibility of misdirection, the reviewing of datas of sound, vibration and temperature in the detected areas.
  3. The precisely following of radar and radio signals of the target areas.
  4. Informations obtained through human resources which works in facilities. Determinations achieved directly by agents.

After compiling and merging of all these datas, it has reached a definite conclusion and has precisely defined the target is going to be destroyed. Iran’s nuclear facilities such as Arak and Natanz have been deciphered for a long time. A portion of these facilities have been examined by international commissions. However, it is unknown whether Iran has other nuclear facilities, beside these.  Israel continuous its effort to find new facilities rebuilt and hidden probably by Iran.

Israel has been working continuously to attack these nuclear facilities which have been established with the support of Russia since the last few years. Plans have been prepared about how to achieve and to destroy these facilities protected by tons of metal and concrete blocks. The most important unit that will be able to make it in Israel is the special commando unit of the Israeli Air Force, Sayeret Shaldag. Many elite security experts such as Tamir Pardo, head of the Mossad have been cultivated here.

It will be need to safe and secret air corridor to be able to be made the Air Operation. It is mentioned three major routes in this topic:

  1. The Northern corridor runs parallel along Turkiye’s southeastern border over the Mediterranean Sea.
  2. The closest and central corridor passes over Jordan and Central Iraq as closest.
  3. The South corridor passes through the airspace of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Gulf of Aqaba.

Military experts discuss these three corridors or Israeli experts want to be discussed these. But, all of these corridors are also currently in problematic situations. Turkiye corridor can be considered totally disabled. Although Jordan – Central Iraq corridor seem appropriate, but it is known that Shiite governments of Iraq and Iran have prepared on this subject. The south corridor put forwards with intelligence cooperation between Israel and Saudi Arabia in recent mounts, but this region also will be defended easily by Iran.

Apart from these, indeed a new corridor opening in recent times: Syrian corridor that we mentioned it previously in our article “David Sharing Plan”. Day after day, this corridor is transforming into areas of influence of militants of Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISID). In this case, it means a new safest air corridor for Israel. Israeli Aircrafts will have access to Central Iran over Golan, Suwayda Druze Region, Central Syrian Desert Corridor, Al Anbar (Sunni Al Qaeda Area), Arbil and Sulaymaniyah (Kurdish Regions) and through a corridor consists totally nonreactive forces in safety.

Beyond these, the last important subject is political conjuncture of the region and timing of the operation. The current situation is extremely convenient for Israel to attack Iran.

  1. The being in chaos of the Central Middle East and especially the countries in intervention corridor is creating an optimal environment for Israel.
  2. Responses and armed actions of pro-Iranian and anti-Israel groups in neighboring countries are important in terms of security of operation against Iran.  Especially, Hezbollah’s arsenal of short-range rockets makes worry Israel. Hence, Israel supports actions of Sunni armed groups and Al Qaeda against Hezbollah. From time to time, car bombs signed Al Nusra explode in southern Lebanon.
  3. Perhaps the most important one, the chemical weapons threat from Syria to Israel comes to an end in the summer of 2014, lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

Neither Iran will not give up acquiring nuclear weapons, nor Israel will not give up attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities. The optimum date for Israel will be 2014 – 2015 winter season.

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