Russia’s New Goal is US’s and UK’s Areas in Syria

Today, Four Non-Conflict Areas are declared in Syria. This is a great success of the Eastern Coalition against the Western Coalition in the US leadership. The Secure Regions which has been insisted by Turkey and has been ignored by the United States a long time, has been put into action with the proposal of Russia.

If the Non-Conflict Areas are examined carefully, the areas of the USA & PKK, ISIL and the Opposition Groups which are supported by the UK & Jordan in South Syria, are excluded. In North, the area of the Opposition Groups and Turkomans which are supported by Turkey, was the Non-Conflict Zone and Turkey will continue its operations against PKK Terrorist Organization in this area when necessary.

Now, Syria’s two biggest dams have been captured by the USA & PKK. The Strategic Region between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers are in the hands of the United States. We believe that ISIL Terrorist Organization was established by the USA and UK Intelligence Services in Northern Jordan. ISIL’s mission is also expand the US sovereignty by the face of fictitious conflicts and planned withdrawals. On the one hand the Islamist Radicals who are threating US’s interests are killed; On the other hand, ISIL troops changed their places by the US interests as we have seen before in the El Bab Operation of Turkey and lastly Tabka Operation of US last week. The main purpose of the US is to seize the most important water resources and natural & gas fields in Iraq and Syria. The new goal of the United States is to create a Sunni region in Central Iraq and Syria, also to connect it to the Mediterranean via Jordan and Israel because the North Corridor is closed by Turkey’s Operations.

In southern Syria, the region from Daraa to Abu Kamal is in the hands of the opposition groups which are supported the UK, Jordan and backward Israel special forces. This area is the route of oil and water pipes to reach Israel and the Mediterranean over Southern Syria and Northern Jordan from Central Iraq in the future.

The next most important goal of Russia is to conquer Eastern Syria starting from Palmira to Deir ez-Zur. At this point in the future, serious differences of opinion will arise between Russia and the United States and Britain.

Although the US has said that it supports the Non-Conflict Areas, the real goal of the United States is continuation of war in the Middle East like in Afghanistan.

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