Kurdish state would serve the interests of Russia!

The biggest mistake of the United States in the last half century was its collaboration with Islamists and Kurds. While the alliance with the Islamists is making pro-Western groups hostile to the U.S., its alliance with Kurds turned away the Middle Eastern Arabs from the United States. The United States was successful partially in its short-term plans, but the long-term developments have evolved to the detriment of the United States always. In this regard, Let me give some examples from the most important events of the last half century:

In Iran, the United States of America only formed close relationship with Shah’s management, but it did not see the social power of Iranian Shiite Jafari culture. Russians, by using this Shiite Jafari structure, was able to overthrow the Shah with overt and covert operations. The murder of Khomeini’s elder son Mustafa which is the initiating event of Islamic Revolution in Iran, was hidden from the public opinion of Iran and the world. If the United States had cooperated with the Turkish Azeri society, it would have a powerful and modern ally today. The British especially gave the United States management a line.

In Afghanistan, the Afghan Mujahideen had an important role in terminating of Russian invasion. However, after the end of the Russian occupation, the United States has made a big mistake due to turning its steps towards Taliban and Pashtuns. Then It contributed to the development of radical Islamist groups both in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Today both Pakistan and Afghanistan are having a very difficult period. If the United States had cooperated with the Uzbek society, the more peaceful Central Asia under the leadership of Turkiye could be set up. This cooperation would have prevented Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to enter the sovereignty of the Russian.

About Iraq, the United States always kept its relations limited with Turkiye. It feared from having power of Turkiye in Iraq and it has cooperated with Kurdish tribes in Iraq. Its cooperation with Kurds has strengthened the structure of Barzani’s tribe. In contrast, the United States took both Shiites and Sunni Arabs on. It was forced to surrender Iraqi management to pro-Iranian Shiite Jafari Arabs. Whereas, If the United States had only cooperated with Turks in Iraq, it would have both won the support of the Turkish Army and taken along Shiite Jafari society under the guidance of Sistani whom the majority of the Iraqi Turkmens follow in Iraq. In this way, the Iraqi Shiites would be freed from the domination of Shiite Iran. An Iraqi government led by Turks could control Shiites, Sunnis and Arabs in spite of the fact that there are problems with Kurds.

In Syria, the United States has joined forces with the Muslim Brotherhood rather than Turks. Political conflicts between Islamic groups and sects debilitated Syrian fight. Radical Islamist groups were strengthened.

Russia has ruined United States’ plans for Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Egypt in the last half century. Russia which is allied with Iranian and Syrian Shiite managements are in close cooperation with armed groups of the PKK in recent years. Russia mediated between Syrian Kurds and Assad Management and it had formed secret alliances between them.  Nowadays, Russia clearly supports the creating cantons and establishing a federation of the PKK terrorist organization in Northern Syria.

Because Russia is also a federal structure itself and it has a vast experience in managing federal structures. If the United States and Western countries give support to the Kurdish federation which is backed by the PKK, this federal structure will be in the service of Russia, like the others in the region.

The United States should give up mistakes which they have been doing for decades. If it wants to be successful against Russia in the Middle East and Asia, it must strengthen cooperation with Turkish communities. Turks are a management community. They have experience in managing minorities, sects and nations of any kind in peace. But the Turks only failure due to minorities live inside them.

Panislamism has not been unifying in real terms throughout history. Quite the contrary, it has led to greater conflicts and divisions in itself.

The United States Management should consider the existence and power of Turks against Russian imperialism which is rising day by day. It should give up the alliances which will compromise the existence and unity of the Turks. Otherwise, Russia will increase its power in all Mediterranean areas, including Greece and Cyprus, namely in the geography of the Orthodox and in Central Asia, consists of Turkish nations.

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