“We ready to Fight and Win against Russia If necessary!”

The most realistic determination about the Middle East at issue last years was made by Air Force Gen. Philip M. Breedlove, the commander of U.S. forces in Europe. Breedlove said the following in his speech at the US Armed Services Committee on Thursday: “NATO Ready to ‘Fight and Win If Necessary’ Against Russia.” This statement serves as a warning against Putin’s expansionism and militarism.

Breedlove’s other identifies summarized the regional problems as follows: “Russia has “chosen to be an adversary and poses a long-term existential threat” to the United States and U.S. allies and partners in Europe.” “For two decades, the United States “hugged the bear” in Europe, but that has to change.” In the same manner, NATO Defense Ministers declared this threat in June 2015 meeting: “Russia is challenging Euro-Atlantic security through military action, coercion and intimidation of its neighbors.

The above lines must be reread. Syrian War is not just a regional problem! The responsible for the conflicts and groupings in the region is not Turkiye. It must be known that Those who criticize Turkiye’s stability and military operations, serve primarily to Russia. This war is not only Turkiye’s war, but also NATO’s and the West’s war.

The international military experts know that; Russia’s threats are a bluff. Those who have weak hand at the table, make frequently bluff. Russia is not the former Soviet Union. The end of the high song of Putin Administration which intervene its weaker neighbors with the militarism and place a strain on the Central Asia Republics, is a big disappointment.

NATO and the Turkish Armed Forces have also seen the bluff of Russia. The differences of opinion between the United States’ Security Institutions and Obama Administration which has the election perturbation, does not affect the global security policy.

Syrian war will not end after Putin’s own heart and as his borders. The ceasefire has been violated since day one. Russia and Assad regime are continuing its bombing at Damascus, Hums and Aleppo. If Syrian dissidents will be supported with some small strategic weapons in the near future, Russia will withdraw from these lands without any need to NATO.

NATO and the Western world does not want the war, but it is not from cowardice…

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