Syrian War and The Mediterranean Energy Corridor!

On the one hand Syrian War is getting hot, on the other hand the efforts have accelerated about The Mediterranean Energy Corridor. We constantly emphasize that the Syrian war is basically an Oil Battle. The Western countries is planning an Energy Corridor against Iran which dominates the Strait of Hormuz and the transit of Gulf oil. With this way, the Middle Eastern Oil will reach to the West over Syria, Cyprus and Greece. The main goal of the negotiations in the last days in Cyprus and Greece is this.

With this, Ukrainian crisis is added to this oil war. Now, the energy lines ranging from Russia to the West are under great risks. Therefore, the Mediterranean Energy Corridor has become more important.

While the western alliance is trying to open this corridor, Russia and Iran are working for to block it. Thus Russia aims to seize the Mediterranean coast of Syria. It is trying to become a power in the exit point of this energy corridor.

Under these circumstances, all the great powers have girded on their heavy arms in the region. In fact, there have been also big oil companies behind these powers with the political leaders. Operating rights of the Mosul and Kurdish region energy resources have already been purchased by western companies. Everyone calculates that they would grab a big share at the negotiating table.

The western countries are trying to build a Kurdistan for the Mediterranean Energy Corridor. They are planning to locate Kurds in this corridor ranging from Northern Iraq to the Mediterranean over Syria. Whereas the security is very important in the oil trade. The oil cannot transit over the area which has high risk. The dreamed Kurdish corridor will bring a long-term war rather than peace. The placement of Kurds to the villages emptied from Arabs and Turks, is the base of an endless war. Iran is opposed to a Kurdish state that will destroy its country in the future. Likewise, Turkiye which has been fighting with the PKK terrorism for decades, does not allow a Kurdish corridor that will be built over Turk and Arab villages in Syria.

However, the major countries are trying to neutralize Turkiye in this plan. Despite many countries that have not border on Syria, it is cannot be expected the remaining silent of Turkiye which has the longest border with Syria. Also while nobody is asking that “What Iran is doing in Syria?”, the steps taken by Turkiye for peace and security in the region, is giving some countries a scare! On the other hand, everyone is silent against Russia which comes from thousands of kilometers away and massacres Turks, Arabs and Kurds in Syria every day.

The most powerful country of the region is Turkiye. It is impossible to achieve a peace and stability without Turkiye. Racial and sectarian violence are the major problems in the region. At the time of Turkish domination, many communities from every religion and race lived together in peace. Turkiye’s future goal is the living of region’s people in peace and tranquility in their home towns.

The splitting plans of Iraq and Syria will not bring peace to the region. This Energy Corridor should not be a war corridor.

This region is big and wide for only Kurds but it is very small for Turks.

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