Is Iran Single Target of Missile Shield?

The establishing of a new ballistic missile defense shield in NATO’s eastern border countries become definite. The most notably of these countries is Turkey. According to the general conclusion of the world public opinion, the real goal of missile shield is Iran. However, the name of Iran wasn’t specified in NATO’s decision.
Is Iran really only one fear of The United States and the West? Is Iran more important than the historical enemies of the United States, Russia and China?
No, the historical enemies of the United States have not changed. Russia and China are getting stronger as the enemies of the United States. The both countries have an important contribution on development of Iran‘s Intercontinental missile technology and nuclear activities. Russia has been working with Iran, about nuclear reactors and missiles for many years. China continues to support Iran’s technology on these issues, either directly or through North Korea. China and Russia have used Iran, instead of fighting directly with the United States.
Countries of U.S and west for using against Iran are very limited. Using of Israel to against Iran is extremely dangerous. Israel’s attack against Iran will combine the entire Middle East and Islamic world. Only destroying with air strikes Iran‘s nuclear and military infrastructure is very difficult. For this reason, there is a great need for an intervention with conventional weapons. Undoubtedly, only Turkey can do it in this region. The Turkish government originates from Islamic political tradition so, Turkey has close relations with Iran. Dilemma of the United States and the West is at this point.
It is Impossible to prevent Iran with political ways. Therefore, the United States and Great Britain create the infrastructure for a military action by 2015. Missile shield project is one of the most important foundations of this campaign. The second important step in this matter: bringing countries of the region against Iran at the same point. Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and Jordan, clearly support the intervention to Iran. However, Iraq, Syria and Turkey don’t think same with those countries. Iraq does not matter much in the current chaos. Syria has not a serious political weight. Turkey is the most important country in this matter. This is need for a change the Turkey management to bring the anti-Iranian position. So the U.S. and the UK, particularly support the growth of the danger of Islamism in Turkey. U.S. and UK does not just pray for coming to power Anti-Islamist government in Turkey.

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