The Fake Mistakes of The United States.

The United States continues to strengthen her field with PKK on her left and DAESH on her right. PKK and DAESH Terrorist Organizations are serving USA interests. Yesterday US warplanes again hit Iraqi forces attacking against Daesh militants on Iraq & Syria border.

These mistakes are not new and hardly believable. The US does not just strike the mailed fist. According to the expression of our friends from Raqqa: Many of Raqqa villages that were opposed to the PKK & PYD in the region, were mistakenly shot by the US warplanes. We don’t forget that the United States shot the mosque when people pray there and martyred civilians in the Al-Jannah Village in Idlib. The US explained that the number of civilians shot by mistake was 624 since the beginning of the civil war in Syria & Iraq. In fact, accidentally killed civilians are thousands. For example, 700 civilians were killed in Raqqa on only one US airstrikes in a day.

The basic strategy of the United States: To settle completely between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers under the Fighting Theater with Daesh. In these conflicts, many Daesh (ISIS or ISIL) militants are dead. These are the Dangerous Radicals from Europe and Asia that are allowed entry into the area by opening them to the corridor. The United States and the West are liquidating these radicals in the outside of their borders.

We believe that the Central Administration of Daesh Organization is at the disposal of Pentagon Intelligence. Whenever Iraqi & Iranian Shiites are acting in a place, Pig-Ignorant Daesh Militants are emerging. Or whenever Russian & Syrian forces take over an area, Daesh immediately forms the front against them. There are Daesh who are fed from Tripoli, against Hezbollah on the Lebanese border. Apart from these, there is a dominion of Daesh in the West of Daraa, on the border of Israel & Syria and just below the Golan hills. Israeli planes hit Syrian and Hezbollah forces in this area but they didn’t hit Daesh Terrorist Organization.

Indeed, when Turkiye started the ElBab Operation, the United States postponed the Raqqa Theatrical Operation and drove the Daesh militants over the Turkish Special Forces and the Free Syrian Army. We Turks remember that the US had also accidentally shot our Muavenet WarShip.

Now, the east of the Euphrates river which divides Syria from the center, is controlled by the US and PKK Terrorist Organization. The United States will go south through the Euphrates and will meet with mercenary dissidents who have trained with the Operation Eagle Lion. Also the US warplanes hit many times Syrian forces in this way (mistakenly!).

The United States plans to build Mesopotamian – Mediterranean Corridor over Jordan Israel in the end of this war.

So, the Russian & Syrian Forces are trying to seize the south of Raqqa and Euphrates, against the US strategy. The United States is trying to prevent the confluence of Iraqi & Iranian forces with Syrian forces in this border.

The most important theater that will be interested also for Turkiye, is coming next days in Talafer. The Iraqi & Iranian Forces and Hashd Shabi Powers will begin Talafer Operation with a little cool air. Then only then, Daesh militants who are enjoying in Raqqa now, will be attacked from the West. Already for a long time, the PKK and Daesh Terrorist Organizations have been friendly here. As you can see on the map below, Daesh has created a defense corridor against the Iraqi & Iranian forces within the PKK’s sovereignty.

Now everyone is waiting in the lurch. We will see great conflicts in the region in September and October. The United States is constantly building military equipment and weapons to her allies. Russia has completed de-Conflict zones in Idlib, Damascus, Hama, Hummus, Daraa, Eastern Syria. The most important problem is Tahrir Al Sham (Al Nusra Front). The United States is provoking this group some times.

Beside all this, Turkiye is preparing a new Turkish Dagger against Terrorist Organizations. We will see together.

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