Is Osama Bin Laden Dead and Al Baghdadi The Heir?

Nowadays, our most important topic of discussion is ISIL, with its new name: The Islamic State organization. When The Taliban crossed swords with the United States in Afghanistan, Turkiye and world public opinion had knew this organization. Photos of women with burkas and Islamists who cut arm were served to all media organizations. Today, we are experiencing a similar period. Photos of the Islamic State organization that makes massacres and cut heads, are discussed on…

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"Is Osama Bin Laden Dead and Al Baghdadi The Heir?"

New Afghanistan in the Middle East!

Afghanistan was one of the most significant factors which led to collapse of the Soviet Union. The United States had organized Islamists in the region to break the Soviet occupation and they had also ended the occupation. However, not only Russians were defeated in Afghanistan but also the United States which found the largest Islamic organizations such as Hizb Al-Islam and Jamaat Al-Islam, later Taliban against Russia, which did not succeed. Now a New Afghanistan…

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"New Afghanistan in the Middle East!"

The Middle East Chess Game!

Great States, they often see each other’s cards. Just like the moves on a chessboard. You can see the other side’s move, but the only thing you can do is to convert this attack to success with your preemptive maneuver. International politics is a bit more complicated. The September 11 Attacks which have carried out with the collaboration of Russian and German intelligence was known by the United States. The Pentagon occupied Afghanistan and Iraq…

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"The Middle East Chess Game!"

Are Muslims really Muslims?

Who is representing Islam for those being non-Muslim? When it is looked up from outside of the Muslim world, are they the Iranian Mullahs who comes to mind firstly. In academic words, is it Shia Jafari culture? Or is it Taliban who has grabbed the attention of world opinion once? Or is it any branch of Shiism, such as Alevis, Durzis, Ismailiyya and many more whom Sunni Muslims nearly see in deviance? Or is it…

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"Are Muslims really Muslims?"

Israel’s Plan to attack Iran

While Iran has been trying to acquire nuclear weapons, Israel is continuing to prepare to strike Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities. Israel does not want that another country has nuclear power apart from itself in the Middle East and it perceives this as a threat to life. Also, for this reason it struck nuclear reactors of Iraq in 1981 and of Syria in 2007. There has been three major names who are planning of Israel’s security…

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"Israel’s Plan to attack Iran"