Iranian Army is using US weapons!

Obama Government recently extended for another year the sanctions against Iran. In contrast, policies of the US and Iran that define each other as the Great Satan, approximated to each other in the Middle East lately. Despite Turkiye’s insistence, the United States is on the one hand propping up Assad Government, on the other hand supporting the PKK & PYD Kurdish Terrorist Groups that are trying to establish a Kurdish federation in Syria.

Neither sanctions, nor pulled down the price of oil does not affect Iran. Iranian Army has vast amount of US-origin weapons now. Everyone knows that even the smallest parts of weapons cannot be purchased without the consent and knowledge of the manufacturer company especially in military and aircraft areas.

Despite sanctions, Iran easily can find the parts of the US-origin weapons and continues to modernize these weapons that need replacement parts every year regularly.

Let’s give examples of some US-made weapons belonging Iranian air force:

Type and model Number
Combat Aircrafts F14 Grumman Tomcat (44 Modernized) 80
F4 Phantom II (60 Modernized) 225
F-5 Tiger II – Northrop (60 Modernized) 140
Lockheed P-3 Orion 5
Lockheed C-130 Hercules 45
War Helicopters Boeing CH-47 Chinook 80
Bell 214 100+
AH-1 Sea Cobra 180


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