Did the US and Russia share Syria?

The year 2009 is the turning point in the USA’s Great Middle East Project. The United States policy has undergone radical changes with this year when Turkey has begun to openly oppose the US and Israeli policies.

Following the OneMinute reaction, the United States, which took the decision to liquidate the administration of Turkey, launched its Arab Spring Plan from the beginning of 2010. The aim was to overthrow the governments in this geography, starting from Morocco to Iran, by civilian and military defeats and bringing pro-American powers to work. However, this plan was blocked in Turkey and Syria. The United States that the Turkish administration has opposed deeply after 2009 and openly after 2011, has entered into search for a new Alliance in Syrian & Iraqi region. USA on the one hand started direct relations with the PKK Terrorist Organization and one the other hand CIA & MOSSAD & MI6 Joint Middle East Center prepared the Daesh (ISIL) Terrorist Organization for the stage of Middle East.

The main goal of the USA was to settle in Mesopotamia between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers for more than a hundred years. While it was continued the political struggle with Turkey deeply, the negotiations was started with Russia for the dissolution of the Syrian knot.  In February 2013, at the end of John Kerry’s famous trip to the Middle East, it was made a significant bargain with Russia. A historic deal was made about the inclusion of Russia in Daesh Terrorist Organization project, the moving of the Caucasus and Asian Radical Muslims over the corridor of the Kadyrov, the supporting of Assad government, the reduction of support for Syrian rebels and the obstruction of supporting countries.  During this period, the vast majority of terrorists (%80) who joined to the Daesh Terrorist Organization (ISIL), was moved to the region via the Damascus and Beirut airports. Russian and Syrian Military Intelligence Units have been actively involved in the security of the Daesh corridors. Already in March 2013, immediately after the deal, Daesh Terrorist Organization declared Syria’s Rakka city as its capital and settled down.

If we return to the main subject by skipping the details and developments after this date; The most basic element of the US and Russia Agreement was Field Sharing. The area between the Euphrates and Tigris, ElBab and Afrin regions will be given to the US and the Energy Corridors that will reach to Mediterranean over Syria’s North (Latakia & Tartus & Tripoli) and South (AbuKamal & Tanf & Golan & Israel), will be managed jointly.

 As a matter of fact, since the beginning of the Agreement, Russia has fulfilled all its commitments. She never entered the sovereignty of the US and never passed beyond the Euphrates. On the other hand, the US and Israel have always laid the groundwork for the conflict between Daesh Terrorist Organization and Sunni oppositions, Iran and Hezbollah. In this subject, Russia has pursued a hypocritical policy against Iran, Hezbollah and the Shiite groups, which are allied in the Middle East such as the United States which has been acting hypocritically against Turkiye, a strong NATO ally. There were only verbal reactions to the attacks of the US against the Syrian Army and the attacks of Israel against Hezbollah and Iran. In recent days, however, Russia have begun to complain that the Daesh Terrorist Organization has made attacks from the US from sovereignty.

The US did not have any serious struggle against the Daesh Terrorist Organization. On the contrary, immediately after the showdown, the US and the PKK terrorist organization all settled in all the regions of Daesh Terrorist Organization. The Pentagon carried the members of the Daesh Terrorist Network to other areas in difficult conflicts, supported by arms, information and logistics. You can easily find examples of these in open source.

If you look at the war maps on our site, you can clearly see the entire history of the US and Russia’s Syrian share. Briefly summarized: Latakia and Tartus Region for Russia and the area between the Euphrates and Tigris for the US have become the basic dominion.

After all Turkiye has shown that she will not remain silent to terrorist threats with ElBab Operation before, Idlib Operation now and other Possible Operations future.

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