The Middle East Chess Game!

Great States, they often see each other’s cards. Just like the moves on a chessboard. You can see the other side’s move, but the only thing you can do is to convert this attack to success with your preemptive maneuver. International politics is a bit more complicated.
The September 11 Attacks which have carried out with the collaboration of Russian and German intelligence was known by the United States. The Pentagon occupied Afghanistan and Iraq by taking this as justification rather than prevent these attacks.
Last Chess Game in the Middle East, Russia which has come to the point of losing Syria, has saved the Assad Management with the help of Iraqi Al Qaeda. She both has quashed Assad opposition and has created fear of that “Look, If Assad falls, Al Qaeda rises!”
When the pressures increased about Ukraine, Russia has mobilized Al Qaeda in Iraq.
Russia and her close allies, Iran, Syria and the Maliki government have turned a blind eye to strengthen Al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq. The U.S. and especially Israel were aware of these moves. The U.S., the U.K. and Israel have been wanting the establishment of a Sunni state in Central Iraq. Because, this Sunni State would fight against Shiites in Iraq, Iran and Syria and would inhibit their growth. For these reasons, Mossad and the Kurdish intelligence have exploded bombs among Shiites and Sunnis for so many years in this region. CIA has been sending millions of dollars via the Saudis and the Gulf sheikhs from Zakat funds.
Sunni and Shiite religious scholars both turned against Sunni-Shia conflicts and prevented it until today. But now, they loosed command over society. Political and Radical Islamists are doing what they want. The only thing they know is Jihad and they are running amok like a leaf in the wind.
Now, the goal of the United States and the West is to eliminate radical groups with an international coalition and to guide Iraq’s political division. A moderate Sunni State whose borders extends from Iran to the Israeli border is considered as most appropriate for their interest by the U.S., the U.K. and Israel. Because this Sunni State will also transport oil which is still in the hands of Shiite, to Mediterranean via Israel’s land. Israel always agree with a Sunni State in some way. But the Israeli army and intelligence are not able to agree with Shiite organizations. Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement is the most important example in this regard.
Now Russia’s goal, dislodged the stones in the Middle East, is to settle permanently in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. The U.S. does not want to fight anymore and the U.S. General Staff is saying that we cannot fight in two fronts. Hence, the Middle East war will continue for a long time. Sunnis and Shiites will kill each other. Meanwhile, if Israel shoots Iran Nuclear Plant in this period, it may be the only success. But, problems cannot be solved by war and death.
After that, the game will re-install and re-play chess pieces.
Where is Turkiye in this game? There are kids thinking that they are playing in the middle, exactly in the same way, Turkish Government is in this case. She is a carpetbagger who is eaten up with pride, like “One Minute Heroism”.

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