What happens if Turkey takes Air Support from the US Coalition in Idlib Operation?

For a long time Turkiye had remained silent to besiege of Peace Monitoring Points which were established within the framework of the Sochi Agreements, by Assad regime. Encouraged by this silence, Russia and the Assad regime took action to take over Idlib in its entirety. Their primary goal was to capture the M4 and M5 motorways linking Aleppo to Latakia and Damascus. The capture of these highways by the Assad regime meant that Idlib was…

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"What happens if Turkey takes Air Support from the US Coalition in Idlib Operation?"

Ankara Made a Major Contribution to Syria Peace

As is known, last week it was made an important summit between Turkey, Russia and Iran in Ankara. As a result of Turkey’s efforts, 150 members of the Constitutional Committee were determined. However, Astana countries did not disclose the committee members, because to reach a conclusion under the umbrella of the United Nations for peace in Syria. They were preferred that UN Secretary General Guterres made a statement and that the process was conducted under…

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"Ankara Made a Major Contribution to Syria Peace"

Lebanese Hezbollah has been cleared from the Israeli border

As a result of the security talks between Russia, the United States and Israel that preceded the G20, the fact of that Hezbollah in Lebanon was removed from the Israeli border became clear this week. Hassan Nasrallah, the political leader of Lebanese Hezbollah, told al-Menar television last weekend that they had withdrawn from some areas in Syria. Nasrallah stated that they had withdrawn to the borders of Lebanon due to strengthening of Assad Regime. He…

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"Lebanese Hezbollah has been cleared from the Israeli border"

Are Iranian Supporters Cleared in Syria?

After the Trump-Putin meeting at the G20 summit, we wrote that there might be some developments in Syria in favor of Israel and against Iran. (Related Article: https://www.veteranstoday.com/2019/07/01/turkey-is-there-to-be-cooperation-between-assad-and-israel-after-the-g20/) As a matter of fact, some important changes took place in Syria within a week after the G20. Leaders lead politics. Politics change with the change of leaders. When we look at this aspect, the two important names directing the war in Syria were removed from their…

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"Are Iranian Supporters Cleared in Syria?"

Assad & Israel’s Cooperation After Putin & Trump Meeting in G20

There are some important milestones in recent history. Especially after the secret discussions and the agreements which are not known of the public, are made between the big states, world policies can change in the opposite direction. The most important example of this in the last decade, after Obama – Putin meeting was that the sharing Syria, the emergence of Daesh Terrorist Organization and the invasion of the west of the Euphrates by Russia and…

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"Assad & Israel’s Cooperation After Putin & Trump Meeting in G20"