If you lose Turkiye you lose the Middle East!

In these days, there are games in the game in the Middle East War. Obama is gone and the bombed actions are over in Turkiye; but with Trump becoming the president, the battle of sovereignty and intelligence has entered a new phase in the region. Now, let’s do some mental exercises, although nevertheless some people perceive it as a conspiracy. Obama was the servant of British Ecole. The US is not governed by the presidents,…

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"If you lose Turkiye you lose the Middle East!"

The United States guards Russia!

The struggle of Russia to survive is continuing after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The biggest supporter of Russia is unfortunately The United States. The USA which thinks that she could not control the Middle East and Europe alone, is struggling to keep up Russia as a threat and as well as a strategic partner. Russia which has economic difficulties since the 1990s, could not renew its old technology. The increasing oil revenues in…

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"The United States guards Russia!"

Russia doesn’t care neither Assad nor the Kurds!

Russia’s invasion that launched in Syria on 30 September, is continuing. Russia is only bombing Syrian Sunni Opposition Groups out of a few ISIS attack, only for show. The United States, France, England, Germany and Israel –in an interesting way- only watching Russia’s civilian massacres. The West is very silent after the invasion of Ukraine and Crimea by Russia. In fact, every country is thinking only of its own interests in the Middle East. Most…

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"Russia doesn’t care neither Assad nor the Kurds!"

The Middle East Chess Game!

Great States, they often see each other’s cards. Just like the moves on a chessboard. You can see the other side’s move, but the only thing you can do is to convert this attack to success with your preemptive maneuver. International politics is a bit more complicated. The September 11 Attacks which have carried out with the collaboration of Russian and German intelligence was known by the United States. The Pentagon occupied Afghanistan and Iraq…

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"The Middle East Chess Game!"

USA, Germany and Rebellion Strategies

The process of the attacking and slimming of the United States, began in 2003, was ended. Following the failure of the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, Syria and Ukraine issues were knotted. Now The United States is taking lessons from its mistakes. One of the most important decisions of American General Staff is that fighting on two fronts at the same time is wrong. However, the global policy is continuing. Russia is resuming strengthening the…

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"USA, Germany and Rebellion Strategies"