If God lets, we buy SU-57 instead of F-35.

Exactly as it was after the Cyprus Peace Operation, it is implemented a de facto embargo against Turkey by the United States. Finally, the F-35 war planes that Turkey’s producing partner were also blocked by the USA. No doubt the main reasons were Turkey’s rapprochement with Russia, the purchase of S-400 Air Defense System and Turkey’s opposition to US Middle East policy. We say: If God lets, we do not buy the F-35 fighter jets…

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"If God lets, we buy SU-57 instead of F-35."

Daesh (ISIL:ISIS) Project is collapsing.

Daish (ISIL) Project which was established to collect the Radical Islamists who rose after the 1980s at certain strategic areas, to fight against their enemies (other Sunni groups) and to disband those who threatened them by MI6, Mossad and CIA with the logistic help of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Gulf countries and with the approval of Russia and Syrian regime due to its interests, is now in a deadlock First, World Islamism is no…

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"Daesh (ISIL:ISIS) Project is collapsing."

Turkiye has eliminated Daish.

Turkiye has eliminated Daish but US and Russia protect it. When the Syrian civil war started, the Syrian Opponents could capture all of Syria within a year. However, the Daish Terrorist Organization has changed all the plans. The US and Russia, along with their allies, flocked to the region to fight against Daish. Assad survived. Daish Terror Organization’s primary goal was Turkiye border, from the Mosul Dam to all northern Syria. Turkiye has eliminated the…

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"Turkiye has eliminated Daish."

Did the US and Russia share Syria?

The year 2009 is the turning point in the USA’s Great Middle East Project. The United States policy has undergone radical changes with this year when Turkey has begun to openly oppose the US and Israeli policies. Following the OneMinute reaction, the United States, which took the decision to liquidate the administration of Turkey, launched its Arab Spring Plan from the beginning of 2010. The aim was to overthrow the governments in this geography, starting…

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"Did the US and Russia share Syria?"

If you lose Turkiye you lose the Middle East!

In these days, there are games in the game in the Middle East War. Obama is gone and the bombed actions are over in Turkiye; but with Trump becoming the president, the battle of sovereignty and intelligence has entered a new phase in the region. Now, let’s do some mental exercises, although nevertheless some people perceive it as a conspiracy. Obama was the servant of British Ecole. The US is not governed by the presidents,…

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"If you lose Turkiye you lose the Middle East!"