If God lets, we buy SU-57 instead of F-35.

Exactly as it was after the Cyprus Peace Operation, it is implemented a de facto embargo against Turkey by the United States.

Finally, the F-35 war planes that Turkey’s producing partner were also blocked by the USA. No doubt the main reasons were Turkey’s rapprochement with Russia, the purchase of S-400 Air Defense System and Turkey’s opposition to US Middle East policy.

We say: If God lets, we do not buy the F-35 fighter jets as Turkey, Because the F-35s have the same problems as the US Air Defense systems. We remember well that a part of the famous Tomahawks thrown from the Mediterranean, had fallen to Turkey’s southeastern provinces rather than Iraq.

The most important problems of the F-35s are as follows:

  • The F-35s had major problems during the preparation phase and many of them are still running.
  • The F-35s suffer from problems with oxygen valves, causing the motors to lock up.
  • The F-35s are extremely vulnerable against cyber attacks.
  • The F-35s have single-engine, so both the Hunter and Bomber are at risk.
  • The bomb capacities are low because the F-35s are based on technology that stands upright.
  • F-35s are quite expensive, like other US weapons.
  • States that take US weapons do not get rid of military and logistical dependence.
  • US acts as a slave against its allies and does not allow technology transfer.

In contrast, the Russian SU-57 warplanes have a significant advantage over the F-35s:

  • SU-57 also has outstanding talent from the F-18s that the US does not give its allies.
  • SU-57 Russian planes are half cheaper than US F-35s.
  • SU-57 has the twin-engine and can be used both as a Hunter and as a Bomber. As a matter of fact, the famous Turkish stars are still using the old NF-5 dual-engine aircraft.
  • The SU-57 has more bomb and load capacity.
  • The SU-57 is equipped with analogue systems that will not be affected by electronic weapons.
  • SU-57 shoots the target and then throws rockets back and shoots the following planes.
  • The SU-57 provides outstanding achievement in battle for skilled, easy-to-fly and educated pilots.
  • SU-57 is better suited to the combat character and skill of Turkish pilots.
  • Following the sale of the S-400 air defense system, Russia is ready to meet the needs of Turkey’s warplanes and their joint production.

As is known, in recent years the US while on the one hand to perform the security operation against Turkey’s southern border, on the other hand, had formed an alliance with the PKK Terrorist Organization fighting against Turkey in this region. The US did not give us the many weapons that we will paid we needed. Top it all, the US has donated thousands of tons of weapons to the PKK terrorist organization.

The true friend of the USA and the enemy are also very clear!

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