The Shrinking Great States in the Middle East!

Today, The source of the problems in the Middle East goes back to a hundred years ago.

In 1918, after the occupation of Jerusalem and Damascus by Britain, an ally of the USA, the peace of the region was lost. Although the British pioneered the establishment of Israel, they failed to deliver Iraqi oil to the Mediterranean. United Kingdom transferred its mission to the USA after World War II. On the other hand, France never gave up the north of Beirut and Damascus after the First World War and established the first Kurdish Independence (Khoybun) Movement in Beirut. France which has been guiding Armenian, Syriac and Kurdish separatists to settle and unite in the region, still considers itself one of the actors of the region. This is where the partnership between the USA and France in northern Syria meets.

After living the most democratic period of Syria in the period of Shukru Qowatli (Turkish origin), Syria came under the control of Russia with Hafız Assad after 1970. USA, Britain, France and Russia have common interests for severing ties betweenTurkey and the Middle East. Therefore, it is possible to find the support of these countries in back all Armenian and Kurdish terrorist organizations such as ASALA and PKK.

Middle East could not been fully shared after the World Wars. After 1980, Germany joined among the great Western states, which also received the local supports such as Fetulla and Wahhabi. Russia allied with the Shiite forces after the Iran Islamic Revolution.

Today, the sharing fight of Britain, Germany, France, USA and Russia continues in the Middle East. Turkiye that had negligenced Sea Navy due to Abdulhamid’s Hijaz railway project before I. World War, has established an important balance in the Middle East with the Navy and Air force. Today, there is no country that will untie this Gordion knot with a sword.

The USA, Russia and France which still maintain their dream of being big, are on the border of their political powers, .

Russia’s biggest allies, Iran and Hezbollah, have been badly injured and are under heavy political pressure.

The USA and Israel have been left alone in the region. Mozambique was the only one supporting the “continuation of Iran embargo” proposal in the Security Council. Again, only a small Arab Emirate was able to say “Yes” to the Arab-Israel agreement, which had great hopes.

While even its colonies in Africa are shaken by independence demonstrations, France sees itself in a giant mirror in the Middle East.

Germany, which made the Turks lose the Middle East in World War I, is still waiting for an opportunity with its balance policy.

Perhaps, in this process, it is England that sees the political and military lock-up best and it is watching who will come out of this chaos by getting stronger from a corner.

The Great Powers try to close their shortcomings either by using terrorist organizations such as the PKK and PYD or by suspicious operations such as Covid and the Port of Beirut.

In this political situation in the Middle East largest real is Turkiye’s military and politic power. Turkiye is ongoing successful operations against Kurdish separatism Syria and it reinforce its presence in the eastern Mediterranean and Libya.

There are two alliance blocks in the world that can be summarized as East and West. Turkey is in the middle of these two blocks. Whoever does not see the power of Turkey, it loses the game in this region.

There is one more point importante: If US support what political party in Turkey, that party will lose.

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