The Shrinking Great States in the Middle East!

Today, The source of the problems in the Middle East goes back to a hundred years ago. In 1918, after the occupation of Jerusalem and Damascus by Britain, an ally of the USA, the peace of the region was lost. Although the British pioneered the establishment of Israel, they failed to deliver Iraqi oil to the Mediterranean. United Kingdom transferred its mission to the USA after World War II. On the other hand, France never…

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"The Shrinking Great States in the Middle East!"

U.S.A. and NATO’s Next Ten-Years

We have completed ten years of U.S. and NATO’s new policies beginning with 11 September 2001. The events and experiences in ten years give us important hints. We hope that USA and the Pentagon leaders managing NATO should examine this view coming from Islamic world If we take a look at history; U.S. and NATO had become a major party in the Middle East and Asia, after World War II. In these dates, Islamic World…

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"U.S.A. and NATO’s Next Ten-Years"

England and the Jews, France and the Armenians

There is a great competition and hostility between England and France through the centuries. Hundred Years’ War had continued 116 years between of 1337-1453. After 1750, Seven Years’ War in North America was accepted as the first world war. United Kingdom defeated France in those wars. The major war between England and France also is continuing in the last century in the Greater Middle East. France occupied Algeria in 1830, Tunisia in 1881 and Morocco…

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"England and the Jews, France and the Armenians"