Islamist Groups in Syria

Who is fighting with who in Syria? Who are Al Qaeda, The İslamic State of Iraq and Levant, The Al Nusra Front, The Syrian Islamic Front and The Free Syrian Army? Why are Islamic groups fighting? There has been a serious informational convergence and confusion at the table for the general public and the media.

First of all we need to know that Assad Management which is dominated by Nusayri minority that has 12 percent of the population now represents secularity. The Assad Government is supported by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah which is an extension of them. Maliki’s Shiite-led government is also taking place on this front.

We can say that, all of Syrian Opposition Groups that are struggling against the Assad Management are on the Islamist line. In a sense, all of alternatives to Assad are Islamist organizations. Therefore, we can understand that why Israel secretly supports the Assad regime in the region.

The largest opposition organization in Syria is The Free Syrian Army. The United States of America, Western countries, Saudi Arabia, The Gulf States and Turkiye pinned their hopes on this group at the beginning. The Free Syrian Army reunites political and military powers which receive regular salary for their services. However, mercenary services do not provide the desired results, especially in the civil war. Despite the size of it, the FSA currently is the most ineffective opposition movement.

When Moderate Islamist Groups grow up, they give birth to radical Islamist groups.

Thusly, Islamist groups which have accused the FSA of being the West’s servant, came together under the roof of The Al Nusra Front. This movement whose origin dates back to the Golan immigrants, has gained great power at short notice and then it has made armed attacks at any point in Syria. This organization which is led by Abu Muhammad Golani has become legendary among Islamists all over the world. Warriors who believe Al Qaeda philosophy from various nationalities especially coming out of Turkiye, participated in this group. Turkiye performed a reasonable intelligence operation by maintaining moderate relationship with Al Nusra. The Al Nusra Front waged a very important struggle against the pro-PKK Kurdish separatists in the north of Syria in accordance Turkiye’s strategic interests. But Al Nusra threatened regional security of Israel in the future and then it was taken to the U.S. terrorist list. Subsequently news and rumors were published one after another against the Al Nusra with the support of the international media. Foreign intelligence elements which leaked into Al Nusra, made some brutal attacks and applications on behalf of the organization. Thus Al Nusra has become the first organization which was described pro-Al Qaeda in Syria and it was considered as enemy. Some media groups in Turkiye –mostly unawares- infused The Al Nusra Opposition to the Turkish public opinion in a short time.

The success of The Al Nusra in Syria, also mobilized Al Qaeda of Iraq which mainly works with Russian Intelligence Service. The Al Qaeda of Iraq which was fighting under the name of “Devleh” (State) against the U.S. occupation, especially was managed from Al Anbar which is Sunni district. On the U.S. decision to withdraw from Iraq, Abu Musa’b Az Zarkavi who was the leader of the organization was killed –I think, with the assistance of Russian Intelligence- in July 2006. Because Russia had to strengthen the Maliki Management which is its principal ally in Iraq. Indeed, it was so, Al Qaeda was silenced. After a while, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi who was one of leaders of Al Qaeda managed to escape from the famous Abu Ghraib prison –probably with the help of someone-. He has become the new leader of Al Qaeda of Iraq and then close to a thousand pro- Al Qaeda militants released from prisons and joined to Al Qaeda of Iraq. The purpose of Al Qaeda of Iraq was to establish a Sunni Islamic State in central Iraq. When the Al Nusra Front recorded progress in Syria, the leader of Al Qaeda of Iraq who has tried the region’s leadership, called on to obey the leader of the Al Nusra Front. Golani refused Baghdadi’s request and the conflict started between them. When Turkiye which was under the U.S. pressure, reduced its support to Al Nusra, The Islamic State of Iraq (Al Qaeda of Iraq) has become a new military force in Syria. It has changed its name and took the name of The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Now, the aim of this organization is to establish an Islamic State in central Iraq and Syria.

Meanwhile, due to the Free Syrian Army remain incapable, The Saudis, The Gulf States and Western supporters had they founded a new moderate military power as the name of The Islamic Front. Islamist circles which were suffering from ineffectiveness of the FSA, have supported to this organization. Now, the Saudis, the Gulf States, the United States, the West, Turkiye and secretly Israel are trying to strengthen this moderate Syrian movement and also to weaken radical Islamist movements. The first of two major anti-corruption operation in Turkiye was deciphering of violating the Iran sanctions. The second one aimed to decode for discretionary supporting of Al Nusra. The Al Qaeda and IHH operation which was made the day before, can be seen as an important part of it.

Now, the primary enemy of the U.S., Israel and Russia is Al Qaeda. All sides are seeking a cease-fire and negotiation according to their interests by showing on the grounds of Al Qaeda. Indeed, they are making plans about sharing the region. Before Geneva 2 talks, everyone else is trying to strengthen his hand.

Due to the fact that The United States of America could not use the Turkish army in its Syrian policy, it agreed with Russia and then it freeze Turkiye out of the game. But, those who saw that the region has turned into a battleground of mobs, tribes and Islamist groups without the support of the Turkish army, are now trying to fix their errors. They want to establish friendships again, while everyone are confessing their sin as saying that, “By God! We did not do this!”

Finally you should know very well that the Turkish Nation and Army does not forget the historical betrayal. The United States of America will not erase the scars of both Sulaymaniyah and psychological operations has been ongoing for last ten years for a century.

Iraq and Syria will be divided into Kurdish, Sunni and Shiite regions within ten years at the latest. Turkiye’s fate will be determined by the Turkish Nation and Army.

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