The US Policy Strengthens Russia and Iran!

Iran has been proclaimed as the biggest enemy by the United States since the 1980s. The fact remains that no US military operation would not hurt Iran until now. On the contrary, countries and groups which are against Iran were damaged due to US policies in the region. The Taliban Movement in Afghanistan was established by the United States. The Taliban was Iran’s biggest fear. It damaged Iran’s influence along the common border. When Taliban…

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"The US Policy Strengthens Russia and Iran!"

Islamist Groups in Syria

Who is fighting with who in Syria? Who are Al Qaeda, The İslamic State of Iraq and Levant, The Al Nusra Front, The Syrian Islamic Front and The Free Syrian Army? Why are Islamic groups fighting? There has been a serious informational convergence and confusion at the table for the general public and the media. First of all we need to know that Assad Management which is dominated by Nusayri minority that has 12 percent…

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"Islamist Groups in Syria"