England and the Jews, France and the Armenians

There is a great competition and hostility between England and France through the centuries. Hundred Years’ War had continued 116 years between of 1337-1453. After 1750, Seven Years’ War in North America was accepted as the first world war. United Kingdom defeated France in those wars.
The major war between England and France also is continuing in the last century in the Greater Middle East. France occupied Algeria in 1830, Tunisia in 1881 and Morocco in 1907 and succeeded in colonizing the politically and economically in these areas. France also invaded Egypt in 1898, but abandoned its position to the United Kingdom in 1882.
The greatest betrayal of England to France was on sharing of the Ottoman territories in the Middle East. France had occupied the Eastern Mediterranean, the region from Adana to Diyarbakir, Mosul, the coast of Syria and Lebanon according to Sykes – Picot Agreement with Great Britain.
However, France was completely eliminated by the United Kingdom at the end of First World War.
The Cold War between England and France in the process of the European Union is irrelevant.
While the United Kingdom was taking care of the Jews with the Balfour Declaration, France supported the Armenians living in Syria and Lebanon. These close relationships continue today. When France stand out in the construction of new Middle East especially in Libya and Syria, Britain took action. The United Kingdom strengthened relations with the government of Turkey and Islamist organizations in the Middle East. It makes peace among Hamas and Jordan to remove Hamas from Syria. Turkey and France were encountered by Britain by using Sarkozy and the Jews who move to penalize the denial of Armenian claims of genocide. The military cooperation between Turkey and France is blocked by the United Kingdom which wants to sign new military cooperation with Turkey. It is preparing for the invasion of Syria with Turkey without France.
In brief, the United Kingdom is trying to liquidate France from the New Middle East as heretofore. New colonies are shared after Arab revolts. However, the Policy of Zero Problems with Neighbors of Turkey goes toward a Policy of Zero Friendship.

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