Middle East – Mediterranean Energy Corridor, Greater Kurdistan, Greater Israel

It is accepted by everyone that the wars and conflicts in the Middle East and the Mediterranean are an oil and energy war. The insecurity of the Strait of Hormuz and the influence of Iran on the Gulf necessitates the establishment of a new Energy Corridor for the West. That is why wars and deaths are all around on the oil fields and energy routes in the Greater Middle East for many years. We are…

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"Middle East – Mediterranean Energy Corridor, Greater Kurdistan, Greater Israel"

New Balances in the Middle East, Iran, Arabs, Islamists, Israel!

With Ukraine crisis, the World’s attention turned to Eurasia. Russian Special Forces actually occupied the Crimea last days. Western countries are trying to recover Ukraine with all his strength. The European Union has agreed to aid to Ukraine 11 billion Euro and the IMF has also pledged to lend 3 billion dollar. Meanwhile, the Middle East has moved away from the agenda of the world. The balances in the region have been turned upside down…

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"New Balances in the Middle East, Iran, Arabs, Islamists, Israel!"

The Secret Intelligence Wars in the Middle East

The secret intelligence wars continue with the structure of the Greater Middle East. Visam Al Hasan, Chief of Intelligence of Lebanon was killed in a bomb attack in Beirut last week. This assassination will lead to greatest consequences. Let’s take a brief look at the past before discussing this assassination target. As we know, in February 14, 2005, Prime Minister Rafik Al Hariri who rebuilt Beirut was killed. Syria was held liable for this assassination…

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"The Secret Intelligence Wars in the Middle East"

The Kurdish Strategy of The United States

Now everyone agrees plan to establish a Kurdish state by the Western World in the Middle East.  Kurdish federations which will be established on the territory of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria will be the political foundations of the United Kurdish State on the Middle East. Iraqi Kurdish Federation which state was not officially has been established de facto. It has been in existence with its own army, treasury, flag, the state mechanism and all…

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"The Kurdish Strategy of The United States"

One more step to Great Disaster…

The internal revolt and provocations continues in Syria. No more changing situation in the region where Turkey does not want to act alone and the U.S. and the West also feared from an armed intervention in Syria. However, there are important improvements which have the United States and Western’s true policies for the region. I mentioned in the previous article: the real reason of the war is petrol. The most important oil pipeline which carrying…

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"One more step to Great Disaster…"