Idlib Clashes are turning into a Afghanistan-like struggle!

Hayat Tahrir Sham Leader Abu Mohammed Golani said yesterday that “they will not withdraw from the Weapon-Free Zone designated in the Idlib region (at Astana)”. Golani said:
“Our enemies have not been able to invade the 20-kilometer-deep (unarmed) territory with the power of soldiers and weapons. Our a soldier and a weapon will not withdraw from any where our enemies and our friends want and they will not be placed in a place they want. We will not accept a Russian soldier entering the north at his discretion, and if he wants to enter militaryly, we will respond to it. ”
On the other hand, the leader of Ahrar es-Sham, Jaber Ali Pasha, said in a statement on Friday: “Russia and Essed regime had to declare a ceasefire on the borders of Idlib and they were ready for a long war.”
The Russian and Assad forces attempted to invade the “Weapon-Free Zone in violation of the principles set out in Astana, and the Sunni Opponents had shown great resistance against Russian occupation, by they solving the disaggrements between each other. The Russian and Essed militia suffered great losses in the last 70 days on the southern and western borders of Idlib. The legendary Tiger Forces sustained heavy defeats and Russian militias lost troops and equipment. Russia declared a new ceasefire last meeting of Astana and had demanded from Turkey that it displaced these groups from the safe zone.
Russia is carrying out massacres against civilians in southern and western Idlib and trying invasion this area despite of political negotiations and Turkey’s warnings.
Therefore, Syrian Idlib clashes are turning into a Afghanistan-like struggle between Russia and Sunni opponents.
The Russian and Assad forces had never been able to invade Aleppo and Eastern Goutha for a long time. As a result of initiatives of Turkey, Russians had entered Aleppo and East Gutai warless and had ended civilian massacres.
But this time, Sunni Opponents will wage war despite of Turkey’s initiatives. The aim of Russia and Assad forces is to take Latemnah and Zekah towns. However, the opponents established a very good line of defense in Zekah and Latemnah as such in East Ghouta and they get ready for a very long war.

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