Idlib Clashes are turning into a Afghanistan-like struggle!

Hayat Tahrir Sham Leader Abu Mohammed Golani said yesterday that “they will not withdraw from the Weapon-Free Zone designated in the Idlib region (at Astana)”. Golani said: “Our enemies have not been able to invade the 20-kilometer-deep (unarmed) territory with the power of soldiers and weapons. Our a soldier and a weapon will not withdraw from any where our enemies and our friends want and they will not be placed in a place they want.…

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"Idlib Clashes are turning into a Afghanistan-like struggle!"

The United States’ 2018 Goals

One of the most important signs of US foreign policy is to be in new moves following a defeat. The United States, which has been alone in an unexpected way about Jerusalem decide, has set new targets in Middle East. We can summarize these briefly as follows: Iran: The last stop of the Great Middle East Project and The Arab Spring were Iran, which is the last obstacle on Middle Asia. The targeted aims were…

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"The United States’ 2018 Goals"

The Learned loneliness of the United States!

The US is experiencing a great deal of loneliness and despair not only in the Middle East but also in Asia and Afghanistan. This helplessness further aggravates the US, threatens its historical allies, cooperates with terrorist organizations, and even plans new collisions like July 15th in Turkey. In the past days, CIA President Mike Pompeo openly threatened Pakistan and said, “If Pakistan does not destroy terrorist paradises in Islamabad, the United States will do anything…

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"The Learned loneliness of the United States!"

Kurdish state would serve the interests of Russia!

The biggest mistake of the United States in the last half century was its collaboration with Islamists and Kurds. While the alliance with the Islamists is making pro-Western groups hostile to the U.S., its alliance with Kurds turned away the Middle Eastern Arabs from the United States. The United States was successful partially in its short-term plans, but the long-term developments have evolved to the detriment of the United States always. In this regard, Let…

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"Kurdish state would serve the interests of Russia!"

One more step to Great Disaster…

The internal revolt and provocations continues in Syria. No more changing situation in the region where Turkey does not want to act alone and the U.S. and the West also feared from an armed intervention in Syria. However, there are important improvements which have the United States and Western’s true policies for the region. I mentioned in the previous article: the real reason of the war is petrol. The most important oil pipeline which carrying…

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"One more step to Great Disaster…"