The Department of Defense Should Be Given to Turkmens in Iraq!

The new government, led by Haydar Al Ibadi, established in Iraq and received a vote of confidence from parliament. New government is aiming to ensure peace among ethnic and religious groups and to save Iraq from the chaos.
During Maliki era, Sunni groups was heard done by Shiites and Kurds and this situation caused offering opposition groups and rebellions in the Sunni areas. Kurds said that they were not consulted in establishment of the new government, but they decided to support the new government end of the meeting of Kurd groups which the united states’ delegate participated it. USA, Turkiye and Iran congratulated the establishment of the new government.
Former Prime Minister Maliki, Arab Sunnis represent Nuceyfi and secular representative Allawi were appointed deputy president. The Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, given to the Kurds in old cabinet, were left blank.
Turkmens which is the third largest group after Arabs and Kurds, were again ignored In the new government, aimed at reconciliation. Only Muhammad Mahri Beyatli who is from Shiite Badr Turkmens, was brought to the Ministry of Human Rights.
Turkmens stands out as one community which can establish a dialogue between different ethnic and religious groups. Turkmens have moderate relationships with Sunnis, Kurds and Shiite groups at the same time.
Therefore, to be given the Ministry of Defense which was left blank, to Turkmens is great importance to overcome Iraq’s security problems and to maintain peace and security in the region.

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