Middle East War Ready!

The U.S. and the West’s Middle East objectives were clear that are firstly to bring down Syria and then Iran with help of the Kurdish Alliance in the region. Israel’s greatest fear was announced: Iran will have nuclear weapons before entering the 2013 summer season.

Unfortunately, the U.S. and the West’s plans are not going as expected as in for Iraq and Afghanistan. The Syrian rebellion which lasted for almost two years could not achieve its aims. Assad Management remained military strength and took over many of the center of rebel when considering the resistance will block the winter season in Damascus. It is plain that, Iran’s Special Forces have a significant share in this success. Syrian Dissidents fighting along with Special Forces of Iran, with Syrian soldiers on many fronts. Although Syrian Dissidents fighting together the special forces of NATO countries.

In shortly, a secret war, unnamed is experiencing between the West and the Eastern bloc. Iran, Syria and the Shiite Management of Iraq are in the same side in this war, led by Russia. Todays, the clarification of Russia’s attitude on Iran and Syria completely upset the expectations of the U.S. and West. Russia neither wants the intervening of the West to Iran nor to leave Syria alone. Therefore, the ways are clogged in the Middle East.

In this political stagnation, there are two possible developments in order to achieve the objectives of the U.S. and NATO.

The first one is that Israel is planning to do air attack on Iran followed by Netanyahu’s election victory announced today. Iran will attack to U.S. targets in all of the countries in the region, including Turkey especially with long-range missiles as response Israel attack. For this reason, we have to need think that Patriots are not only deployed for Syria.

The second possibility will arise independently or to support of the first development is that the Kurds in Iraq and Iran will tumble into the rebellion.

The most important prerequisite to come up to settle this development is the disagreement between Turkey and the PKK. Because the United States greatly needs the assistance of the PKK for reaching its goals in Syria, Iraq and Iran.

Barzani is also no doubt another important partner in reconciliation efforts between Turkey and the PKK. These three forces, pro the U.S. need to be brought together because Talabani has been disabled (or left). The one of the most beautiful ways for this goal is sharing Northern Iraqi oil between these three forces and promising the federation to separatist group (PKK).

However, as we have expressed in previous articles, the most important point which are ignored by Turkey is that the Iraqi oil will be moved to the Mediterranean through Syria, will be disabled Turkey and will be strengthening of the United Kurdish State.

Turkey as a NATO ally really is a dead-end street. It would not be a great prophecy to say that, this political stagnation would result with a big Middle East War probably in the 2013 and especially the region countries receive severe injuries. We hope it will be other developments and Turkey gets rid of this dilemma.

In both scenarios the United States and the West will not receive a large scar because they support the events from outside. Especially the United States will not be located in the center of the war such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Unfortunately, also fighters on each side will be Muslims on each side.

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