Qatar or Gas?

Those who are engaged in a bargaining battle behind the closed doors, know well that the problem is not Qatar or Terror.

If the main problem was terrorism:

– Would the US and the PKK Terrorist Organization be partners?

– Did PYD or Assad deal with Daesh Terrorist Organization?

– Would the United States, England, and Jordan set up Daesh in the Royal Special Forces Camps?

– Could not the US which was found Laden, find Baghdadi?

– Did the US make the backdoor aid to Al-Nusra?

– Did Daesh settlement in the border of the Golan, the most strategic region of Israel?

– Would Iran and Hezbollah endure on the Lebanese border?

– Did the US take the Middle East dams before Mosul?

– Did Russia set up Daesh corridor for Caucasian radicals?

– Did the pre-emptive bombs which were exploded in Turkey before, explode in England now?

The questions are so unbelievable and we do not believe it anyway.

The wars in the Middle East and Central Asia are only for energy fields, new Oil and Natural Gas Resources. In addition, in Iraq and Syria, there are two great rivers and dams which are important in the future of Israel.

The United States, Saudi Arabia and its supporters are not realistic to blame Qatar for terrorism. Just like Saddam or others before. The main issue is Qatar Natural Gas Resources.

Qatar has to compromise with Iran to market its natural gas resources that cover the center of the Persian Gulf from its borders. The US and the Saudis want Qatar to reach the Mediterranean via Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel.

Qatar’s idea is to establish an energy corridor that best suits its own interests. However, world energy sources are marketed by Energy Mafia of major countries. Unless you deal with them, you cannot neither establish corridors or pipelines, nor sell energy.

Now, the biggest buyer of Qatar gas is Turkiye, the closest friend. That’s why Qatar supports a corridor that will reach Turkiye from the safest route. It aims to market to Europe via Turkiye like Turkish – Russian Gas Lines,

The US was supporting a corridor that would reach Europe through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey. But we do not believe in the US plan. The US plans to build the Mediterranean Energy Corridor through Jordan and Israel after the Northern Kurdish Corridor has failed. Two important corridors will meet here in Israel. The first is the Great Gas Resources of Old Mesopotamia between the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers. They will reach Israel through Central Syria, South Syria and Jordan together with the Euphrates and Tigris waters.

The second reason that the US has declared Qatar an enemy is that The United States favored Qatar gas will reach the Mediterranean from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Israel’s corridor. The US does not want Iran, Iraq, Syria and Russia to control the Qatar gas.

Russia, too, is not favoring Qatar’s gas to reach Turkiye; because it wants to sell its own gas and to be dependent on.

Anyone who analyzes our map at the beginning of our letter can easily understand what we write. The real issue we need to understand is; Imperialist countries do not care Neither Terror, nor hundreds of thousands of Deaths, Millions of Migrations, Blood, Tears nor Muslims.

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