Qatar or Gas?

Those who are engaged in a bargaining battle behind the closed doors, know well that the problem is not Qatar or Terror. If the main problem was terrorism: – Would the US and the PKK Terrorist Organization be partners? – Did PYD or Assad deal with Daesh Terrorist Organization? – Would the United States, England, and Jordan set up Daesh in the Royal Special Forces Camps? – Could not the US which was found Laden,…

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"Qatar or Gas?"

New Balances in the Middle East, Iran, Arabs, Islamists, Israel!

With Ukraine crisis, the World’s attention turned to Eurasia. Russian Special Forces actually occupied the Crimea last days. Western countries are trying to recover Ukraine with all his strength. The European Union has agreed to aid to Ukraine 11 billion Euro and the IMF has also pledged to lend 3 billion dollar. Meanwhile, the Middle East has moved away from the agenda of the world. The balances in the region have been turned upside down…

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"New Balances in the Middle East, Iran, Arabs, Islamists, Israel!"