Qatar or Gas?

Those who are engaged in a bargaining battle behind the closed doors, know well that the problem is not Qatar or Terror. If the main problem was terrorism: – Would the US and the PKK Terrorist Organization be partners? – Did PYD or Assad deal with Daesh Terrorist Organization? – Would the United States, England, and Jordan set up Daesh in the Royal Special Forces Camps? – Could not the US which was found Laden,…

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"Qatar or Gas?"

Iran Heroism of the Turkish Government!

Iranian President Hasan Rouhani is the first Iranian president to visit Turkiye after 18 years. The main purpose of the visit is Oil and Gas Trade. However this visit closely related to the Ukrainian problem more than misunderstandings between Turkiye and Iran. While U.S. sanctions against Iran are continuing, this is actual facts underlying approval of such a quiet visit. European Union needs of a new pipe line urgently to move the gas via Turkey…

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"Iran Heroism of the Turkish Government!"